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List of recovery items in Mother

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This is a list of recovery items in EarthBound Beginnings.


Big Bag


The Big Bag (でかぶくろ Huge Bag) is received from an inhabitant of Magicant, who resides in the most southwesterly placed building of the town area. He asks Ninten if he would like to have the item, while afterwards asking if he could borrow Ninten's Cash Card. If answering yes, he will then take the card, and must be spoken to again to have the card returned, along the Big Bag, which he gives away as a gift. The bag contains a total of 30 Magic Herbs, which roughly equals to 900 HP that can be recovered through the use of the bag. After all of the herbs have been used, the bag will vanish into thin air.

In-game description

"A bag filled with Magic Herb."



Bread (パン Bread) has two primary functions; one being that it heals around 20 HP when eaten, and one where a crumb trail out of it is made, which can be used to backtrack to an earlier visited area. Bread can be purchased for $30 in all of the towns' department stores (and the smaller stores of Snowman and Youngtown), excluding Spookane; it can also be found for free in the basement of Ninten's house (where it replaces the Map that is present there in the Japanese Famicom version), on the second floor of the Superintendent's Office, in the northern area of Duncan's Factory (next to the room containing the Franklin Badge), and in a dead end inside of the house of the Rosemarys.

In-game description

"OK to eat it, but its CRUMBS can be used to mark your trail."

French Fries


French Fries (フライドポテト Fried Potato), alternatively FrenchFries, heal around 20 HP, and can only be obtained by being purchased for $15 in the burger shop of either Podunk, Merrysville, Reindeer or Ellay. It is based off the real-life potato-based fast food of the same name.

In-game description

"EATen with or without catsup, your HP will rise."



Hamburgers (ハンバーガー Hamburger) restore about 50 HP each, and can be bought for $25 in the burger shops of Podunk, Merrysville, Reindeer and Ellay. They are also occasionally dropped by Bag Ladies.

In-game description

"Fast food for some fast HP."

Life Up Cream


The Life Up Cream (きずぐすり Ointment), alternatively LifeUpCream, fully restores one party member's HP when used. They cost $194 each, and can be purchased in the store of every town in the game, except for Spookane. Locations where they can be obtained for free through presents include the third floor of the Superintendent's Office, a room in the southern part of Sweet's Little Factory, Duncan's Factory (where two are located), a dead end in Rosemary's house, and the maze-like cave of Mt. Itoi. A doctor inside of a house near the entrance to Mt. Itoi has an endless supply of Life Up Creams, which he gives away for free.

In-game description

"USEd to heal wounds."

Magic Herb


The Magic Herb (マジックハーブ Magic Herb) approximately restores 30 HP, and is the only recovery item which only can be purchased in Magicant, where it costs $30 per herb. It can also be obtained by putting a Red Weed in Queen Mary's Fountain, or by being dropped by a Snake. The Big Bag, which is gotten for free, does contain 30 Magic Herbs, which can be freely used. The herb can also be found in Queen Mary's Castle, in Magicant Underground (where two can be found), and in the southern area of Sweet's Little Factory.

In-game description

"When you are tired or injured, USE it."

Orange Juice


The Orange Juice (オレンジジュース Orange Juice), alternatively OrangeJuice, is one of the least restoring recovery items, healing only about 10 HP to one party member. It costs $5 when purchased, which it can be in the department stores and burger shops of Podunk, Merrysville, Reindeer and Ellay. Between the time after Ninten defeats the Doll in Minnie's room, and before he obtains the Basement Key from Mick, Mimmie and Minnie will provide Ninten with an unlimited supply of Orange Juice.

In-game description

"Vitamin C is always good for a few HP."

Sports Drink


The Sports Drink (スポーツドリンク Sports Drink), alternatively SportsDrink, restores around 100 HP, and can be purchased for $75 in the department stores of Podunk, Merrysville, Reindeer and Ellay.

In-game description

"No matter how tired you are, one bottle will strengthen you."

Strawberry Tofu


The Strawberry Tofu (いちごとうふ Strawberry Tofu), alternatively berry Tofu[sic], heals around 10 HP and can be bought for $975 on the third floor of the department store in Reindeer. Its secondary use is to be given to Able, Baker and a doctor, who all live on an island which only can be reached via the Look-Out Tower near Ellay, as they are interested in tasting it. If given to Able, he will thank Ninten by giving him Swear Words; if given to Baker, he will share information about a fantastic robot that lies at the bottom of a lake near the summit of Mount Itoi; and if given to the doctor, he will give Ninten Words of Love.

One Strawberry Tofu can be found in the room of Queen Mary's Castle where six presents are located, and where only one present can be opened, as the content of the others will disappear; the tofu is located in the most southeasterly located present.

A boy in the leftmost room on the second floor of Twinkle Elementary School mentions that Strawberry Tofu is popular in big cities and that he would like to taste some. However, nothing will happen if the player tries to give him any.

In-game description

"If you really want to eat it OK, but..."


PSI Stone


The PSI Stone (サイパワーストーン PSI Power Stone), alternatively PSI-Power Stone, is the only PP-healing item in the game. It restores about 20 PP by being squeezed, and can be reused multiple times before becoming an ordinary stone, and thus disappears from one's inventory. The PSI Stone cannot be purchased anywhere in the game, but can be obtained through several different ways. The stone can be found in the upper center present in the room of Queen Mary's Castle which contains six presents; in the final room of the Magicant Underground; in the western section of Duncan's Factory; on the lower floor of the Ruins of Desert (where two can be found); and in the maze-like cave of Mt. Itoi. PSI Stones can also be dropped by Starmen, Juanas and LastStarmen.

In-game description

"PSI Power in solid form."

Stat increment


The five different types of Capsules.

Capsules (カプセル Capsule) are items which permanently increase a specific stat of a party member. They can only be obtained through opening certain presents, so the amount of capsules are limited. There are five different types of capsules, and a total of nine capsules, that can be found throughout the game. The capsules can also be lost to enemies with the ability to steal items, such as Crows, Gorillas, Seagulls and Oh-Mooks.

Fight Capsule

The Fight Capsule (ファイトカプセル Fight Capsule), alternatively FightCapsul, increases one party member's strength by around 5. There is a total of two Fight Capsules present in the game; one being in the upper right present in the room in Queen Mary's Castle, where only one of six presents is openable, and one being located in the western portion of Sweet's Little Factory.

In-game description

"Take this capsule to raise your FIGHT."

Force Capsule

The Force Capsule (フォースカプセル Force Capsule), alternatively ForceCapsul, increases one party member's force by around 5. There is only one Force Capsule in the entire game, which is located in the most northern point of Duncan's Factory.

In-game description

"Take this capsule to raise your FORCE."

Physical Capsule

The Physical Capsule (フィジカルカプセル Physical Capsule), alternatively PhysicalCap, increases one party member's strength by around 5. One is located in the southern portion of Sweet's Little Factory, and one is located in the southern portion of Duncan's Factory.

In-game description

"Take this capsule to raise your STRENGTH."

Quick Capsule

The Quick Capsule (スピードカプセル Speed Capsule), alternatively QuickCapsul, increases one party member's speed by around 5. There are three Quick Capsules present in the game, which makes it the Capsule with the highest frequency. One is located in the eastern portion of Sweet's Little Factory, one in southern portion of Duncan's Factory, and one can be obtained from a monkey in the southern portion of the lower floor of the Ruins of Desert.

In-game description

"Take this capsule to raise your SPEED."

Wisdom Capsule

The Wisdom Capsule (ウィスダムカプセル Wisdom Capsule), alternatively Wisdom Caps, increases one party member's wisdom by around 5. There is only one obtainable Wisdom Capsule in the game, which can be found in the southern portion of Duncan's Factory.

In-game description

"Take this capsule to raise your WISDOM."

Magic Candy


The Magic Candy (ふしぎなキャンディ Mysterious Candy) increases Lloyd's fight by around 5. Only one Magic Candy can be obtained in the game, being from the swimming cat in Magicant, whom is located nearby Magicant's entrance point. When spoken to, it will ask Ninten if he has heard of a Magic Candy that can bring strength and power to a helpless child, referring to Lloyd. If Lloyd has joined Ninten's party by then, the cat will give the candy to them, but will otherwise just state that Ninten is not helpless and is thus not in need of it.

In-game descriiption

"If the sissy boy EATs this his FIGHT rise some."

Magic Ribbon

Main article: Ribbon

The Magic Ribbon (ふしぎなリボン Mysterious Ribbon), alternatively MagicRibbon, increases Ana's force by around 5. There is only one in the entire game, and is in contrast to the Ribbons of EarthBound and Mother 3 not equippable, and does instead just disappear after use. It can be received from the cat who swims on the ground in Magicant, more specifically in the forest to the west of Magicant's town square. It will ask Ninten to guess what it carries in its hand. Using Telepathy on the cat will reveal the item to be a Magic Ribbon, and if Ana has joined Ninten's party by then, the cat will give away the ribbon; it will otherwise say that the ribbon only is for girls, and then simply end the conversation.

In-game description

"With this FORCE will rise a bit. This is for a girl to tie in her hair."

Status recovery



The Antidote (どくけし Poison Antidote) makes a party member recover from poisoning, and can be bought for $20 from the department stores of Podunk, Merrysville, Reindeer and Ellay. One Antidote can also be found on the first floor of the Superintendent's Office and in Queen Mary's Castle; in Sweet's Little Factory and Rosemary's house, two can be found in differently located rooms. Healing α has the same function as an Antidote.

In-game description

"It neutralizes poison quickly."

Asthma Spray

Asthma Spray.png

The Asthma Spray, alternatively AsthmaSpray, (ぜんそくスプレー Asthma Spray) is used to cure Ninten from his asthma attacks, and can be purchased for $148 from the department stores of Podunk, Merrysville, Reindeer and Ellay. His asthma attacks can be triggered when vehicle-like enemies emit exhaust gases. If the player does not have any spray when this occurs, Ninten will unable to do anything and eventually become unconscious because of his susceptibility to the opponent's attacks, if he has not been joined by other party members. The spray is reusable.

In-game description

"When Ninten's asthma attacks, spray this."



Using Mouthwash, alternatively Mouth-wash, (うがいぐすり Mouthwash) is the only way to cure colds. It can be bought for $175 in Snowman, or for $10 from an old man in the Mislay Triangle after he has had his Dentures returned to him. He will immediately fill out Ninten's unoccupied inventory slots with Mouthwash for free after Ninten has brought him his dentures, but after that they must be paid for.

In-game description

"If you gargle with it, you will lose your cold."

Noble Seed


The Noble Seed (エンジェルシード Angel Seed) cures a party member from confusion, which may occur after being exposed to BrainShock, Wicked Seeds or occasionally by Rockoyle attacks. The seed can only be obtained by defeating BigWoodohs in Magicant, which occasionally drop it after battle.

In-game description

"USE this to cancel the Wicked Seed."

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