Plasma Beam

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Plasma Beam
デスビーム Plasma Beam
Artwork of the Plasma Beam from Encyclopedia Mother
Type Battle item
Appears in EarthBound Beginnings

The Plasma Beam is a reusable battle item in EarthBound Beginnings which only Lloyd is able to utilize. Unlike Guns, the Plasma Beam cannot be equipped and is only usable in battle. It is an upgraded version of the Laser Beam.

In the English version and Mother 1+2 port, the Plasm Beam could be purchased from the Reindeer Department store on a newly-added floor. In the Japanese Famicom version, the Plasma Beam is unpurchasable, and can thus only be obtained by beating UltraBarbots.


When used in-battle by Lloyd, it deals about 80 HP of PK Beam damage to one enemy. The PSI equivalent of the Laser Beam is PK Beam β. It has a 12.5% chance of breaking after being used.


EarthBound Beginnings
Buying Selling
$1,300 $650

In-game description

It helps that weenie Lloyd quite a lot.

Where to obtain

EarthBound Beginnings
Limited quantity Infinite quantity
Reindeer Department store*, occasionally dropped by an UltraBarbot


EarthBound Beginnings
Plasma beam.jpg
Artwork of the Plasma Beam from Mother's strategy guide

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