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Ninten's father

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Ninten's father
にんてんのパパ Ninten's papa
Ninten's father
Ninten's father as he is seen in the ending scene.
Gender Male
Appears in Mother
Residence Podunk
Relatives Carol (wife)
Mimmie (daughter)
Minnie (daughter)
Mick (dog)
Ninten (son)

Ninten's father is a character in Mother, playing a somewhat large role despite being far away from his home. Due to his job, he is often away on business, and often needs to travel. He has been doing this for at least seven years.[1] He trusts Ninten a lot, and expects him to help take care of his mother and sisters while he is gone.[2] In the beginning of the game, when Ninten's house is under attack by a poltergeist, he calls Ninten by phone, informing him that his great-grandfather once studied PSI. He then tells him that he may find something useful in the basement, but he can't remember where he left the key. When Ninten calls him by using a telephone, he will allow him to save the game, as well as telling him how many experience points are required for his party members to reach the next level. He is also responsible for most of the money Ninten receives, as it is deposited directly into his bank account. Occasionally, he will call Ninten and ask him if he wants to take a break. He also can be called using the phone in the healer's house in Snowman to confirm the player's name. At the Live House, when Teddy asks to join Ninten, if the player repeatedly refuses to allow him, Ninten's father will call, ordering Ninten to push the A button. If Ninten refuses, he will be sent back to his house. At the end of the game in the Mother 1+2 and English prototype versions of the game, Ninten will receive a call from him, warning him that something new has happened.


  1. When Ninten was five, his two sisters whose faces look exactly the same were born. Very shortly after this, his father had to leave to a faraway place, probably related to his job." - Encyclopedia Mother, translated.
  2. "I trust that you'll look after your mother and younger sisters. You'll be okay, though, knowing you." - Encyclopedia Mother, translated.

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