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A. Goodman

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A. Goodman
A•グッドマン A. Goodman
A. Goodman as he appears in EarthBound Beginnings.
Gender Male
Appears in EarthBound Beginnings
Residence Podunk

A. Goodman[1] (referred to as Mr. Mayor[2] in-game) is a character in EarthBound Beginnings. He is the mayor of Podunk and resides in the city hall alongside his assistant Abbott.


When the city is victim to many ominous occurrences and monster attacks, he is mostly concerned about how it will affect his upcoming re-election campaign rather than the safety of his citizens. When he is first encountered, he asks Ninten to find a girl who has gotten lost in the city's cemetery in an attempt to increase his approval rating. Once Ninten has rescued her, he rewards him with $100 and lets Abbott give him the key to the zoo, hoping that he also will deal with problems there. He will, however, not reward Ninten for completing the latter task, instead simply removing the roadblock near the entrance to Magicant.

The Japanese manuel for EarthBound Beginnings states that Ninten has a low opinion of him.


Image of A. Goodman from Encyclopedia Mother.


  1. Excerpt from Mother's Day's (Podunk's) Encyclopedia Mother Entry
  2. "I am Abbott, not the Town Mayor, but his assistant. Mr. Mayor is over there." - Abbott

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