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Mrs. Lindgren

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Mrs. Lindgren
リンドグレーンさん Mrs. Lindgren
Mrs. Lindgren as she appears in EarthBound Beginnings.
Gender Female
Appears in EarthBound Beginnings
Residence North of Podunk
Relatives Pippi (daughter)

Mrs. Lindgren[1], or just Lindgren[1], is a character in EarthBound Beginnings. Excluding Ninten's family, Mrs. Lindgren is the first NPC Ninten will meet, as she lives in a house which must be passed to reach Podunk. She can be seen frustratedly standing outside of her house, and if the player chooses to talk to her, she will express worry concerning her daughter whom has gone missing, and also ask Ninten if he could inform the mayor of Podunk about it. She gets rejoiced when Ninten rescues Pippi from the cemetery, and if Ninten still has Pippi in his party, she will tell her to follow Ninten to the mayor to have the current situation clarified.


  • A likely assumption would be that the name Lindgren comes from the author Astrid Lindgren, the creator of the fictional character Pippi Longstocking, whom Pippi likely is based on.


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