Queen Mary

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Queen Mary
クイーンマリー Queen Mary
Queen Mary
Queen Mary as she appears in Mother.
Gender Female
Appears in Mother
Residence Queen Mary's Castle
Occupation Queen

Queen Mary is a major character in Mother. She is the queen of Magicant, and resides in her castle during the events of the game. When Ninten first visits her castle, she will ask him to learn her song and remind her the tune. She tells him it will be an easy task, due to it being only eight notes long. When Ninten returns with all Eight Melodies, she reminisces of her past and an alien named Giegue. She is revealed to be the personification of Maria's consciousness, and that Magicant is a mirage born of it. After telling Ninten and his friends about her past, she vanishes, along with Magicant, to join her husband, as her purpose has been completed. During the final battle, when using the check command, Mary's consciousness informs Ninten's party that the only thing that may defeat Giegue is to sing her lullaby with all of their heart.

For clarity, the player cannot name a character Mary.

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