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Goldrich Duncan

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Goldrich Duncan
ダンカンさん Mr. Duncan
Image unavailable.
Gender Male
Appears in EarthBound Beginnings
Residence Merrysville (presumably)

Goldrich Duncan[1] (only referred to as Mr. Duncan[2] in-game) is a character in EarthBound Beginnings. He has founded or contributed in founding the companies The Duncan Company Inc. and Duncan Enterprises. Duncan Enterprises is planning to build a strip-show theater in Merrysville during the events of the game, which gets heavily opposed by the citizens of the town;[3] among the protests are petition drives and demonstrative parades.[1] This leads to the project being temporarily suspended and Duncan himself withdraws to Tokyo, where he not is expected to return until mother's day. It is written on a sign in Merrysville that Duncan's Debutantery, financed and constructed by The Duncan Company Inc., will be "coming this fall".[4][5] He has also founded Duncan's Factory, a location relevant to the plot of EarthBound Beginnings.

For clarity, the player cannot name a character Duncan.


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