Onyx Hook

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Onyx Hook
めのうのつりばり Agate Fish Hook
Artwork of the Onyx Hook from Encyclopedia Mother
Type Miscellaneous item
Appears in EarthBound Beginnings

The Onyx Hook is an item in EarthBound Beginnings. It is received after beating the The Fish in Magicant's Underground.


The Onyx Hook can be used anywhere to teleport Ninten and his friends straight to Magicant, which otherwise only can be reached by certain stones engraved with "XX". However, it cannot be used to leave Magicant, which forces Ninten to go through the underground tunnel again to leave Magicant before he or Ana learns Teleport. When Eve is in the party, this item cannot be used.


EarthBound Beginnings
Buying Selling
Not for sale Cannot be sold

In-game description

As long as you have it, you can warp back to Magicant.

Where to obtain

EarthBound Beginnings
Limited quantity Infinite quantity
Magicant Underground (defearting The Fish)


EarthBound Beginnings
Onyx hook.jpg
Artwork of the Onyx Hook from Mother's strategy guide

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