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The Sky Runner (Japanese: スカイウォーカー Sky Walker) is an invention of Dr. Andonuts used for transportation. It first appeared in EarthBound when Jeff had to rescue Ness and Paula in Threed. It resembles a round UFO, and it has a gray coloring. The device also has legs for landing, which have failed twice.

In EarthBound

The Sky Runner in mid-flight.

The Sky Runner first appears in EarthBound after Jeff gets to Dr. Andonut's lab. He uses it to travel to Threed to rescue Ness and Paula. On the way, he can see many areas that the player has not seen yet, such as Fourside, and the Dusty Dunes Desert. Jeff circles around Threed searching for Ness and Paula. Eventually he finds their location, but unfortunately, the Sky Runner plummets to the ground, into the room the two were trapped in, and was heavily damaged.

After returning to Threed after saving Paula in Fourside, the heroes return to the crash site and find the Sky Runner repaired as thanks for saving the town earlier in the game. They use the newly refurbished Sky Runner to return to Winters to have Dr. Andonuts modify it to fly to Summers. Afterward, they fly to Summers and once again, crash the Sky Runner onto the beach. Returning to the site will show that the rubble isn't there anymore, having some fans believe it washed away into the ocean.

Super Smash Bros.

The Sky Runner makes a minor cameo on the Magicant stage of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Here, it acts as a temporary platform.

Trophy description

A flying machine designed by Dr. Andonuts, it is given to Jeff to travel to Threed. It promptly crash-lands, rendering it temporarily out of service. On the Magicant stage, it can sometimes be seen floating above the clouds before it suddenly zooms back into the sky.


  • In Mother 2, the Sky Runner was called the Sky Walker. This was changed in the localization due to copyright issues.
  • In Mother 3, the song A Flying Whatchamacallit sounds very similar to the Sky Runner's theme, and also plays during flight scenes.