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XX Stone

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Ninten and company find the XX Stone in Mother.

The XX Stone is an important object in Mother, appearing near the very top of Mt. Itoi.

In Mother

The XX Stone serves as George's gravestone, where the final melody is obtained. Upon interacting with it, a crystal appears, and Ninten's party hears George's voice. They are then told that his wife had scattered her melodies throughout the earth. He then sings the final melody, and tells Ninten to sing the melodies to Queen Mary. The crystal then heals Ninten's party's HP and PP, then promptly shatters. This can be done multiple times, however, even after Ninten sings the melodies to Queen Mary.

In the original Famicom release, the XX Stone was mere decoration with no purpose; upon learning seven of the eight melodies, Ninten's party is automatically warped to Magicant. When they play the seven melodies on the Ocarina of Hope to Mary, she remembers the eighth melody on her own. This expanded ending was included in the English prototype and Mother 1+2.

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