Grand Department Store

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Grand Department Store
モノトリーデパート Monotoly Department Store

Grand Department Store
The Grand Department Store as seen in EarthBound.

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The Grand Department Store[1] (alternatively Fourside Grand)[2] is a department store in Fourside in EarthBound. It is extremely large, and even the clerks working there get lost.[2] The variety of items in the store are praised, but their prices are often criticized.[3] The department store also serves as a small dungeon after being visited for the first time.


The first floor is the service area where the player can use the ATM or payphone. The right clerk sells tickets to the Topolla Theater while the left clerk is where items can be returned. On the second floor is the food court which contains a grocery store and a burger shop. An arms dealer can also be found in the back warehouse.

The third floor has a drugstore and a shop where weapons can be bought, and the fourth floor sells toys and sporting goods. In the back room is the office where the Dept. Store Spook is fought.


On the first visit to Fourside, the store is closed. A man outside states that ever since Geldegarde Monotoli became mayor, the store had been having strange happenings. Later the store re-opens and Ness and his friends can shop there. However, upon leaving, Paula will be kidnapped and a blackout will occur. All of the people in the store vanish during the blackout, and the store becomes flooded with enemies. The blackout was caused by the Dept. Store Spook, who kidnapped Paule, and requests Ness to head to the top floor to rescue Paula.

Ness confrounts the Dept. Store Spook in the office, but Paula is nowhere to be found. Ness the fights and defeats it, in which it states that Paula is with Monotoli. After the Spook is defeated and the blackout ends, it is later blamed on the mouse found on the first floor.[4]


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Ticket stand

Item Price Effect
Show ticket.jpg Show ticket $30 Allows entry to Topolla Theater

Burger shop

Item Price Effect
Can of fruit juice.jpg Can of fruit juice $4 Restores about 6 HP
Cup of coffee.jpg Cup of coffee $6 Restores about 12 HP
Bag of fries.jpg Bag of fries $8 Restores about 24 HP
Hamburger EB.jpg Hamburger $14 Restores about 48 HP
Double burger.jpg Double burger $24 Restores about 90 HP


Item Price Effect
Boiled egg.jpg Boiled egg $9 Restores about 40 HP
Bread roll.jpg Bread roll $12 Restores about 30 HP
Croissant.jpg Croissant $18 Restores about 60 HP
BananaEB.png Banana $5 Restores about 25 HP
Picnic lunch.jpg Picnic lunch $24 Restores about 80 HP


Item Price Effect
Ketchup packet.jpg Ketchup packet $2
Sugar packet.jpg Sugar packet $3
Tin of cocoa.jpg Tin of cocoa $4
Carton of cream.jpg Carton of cream $4
Sprig of parsley.jpg Sprig of parsley $2
Jar of hot sauce.jpg Jar of hot sauce $3
Salt packet.jpg Salt packet $2

Arms dealer

Item Price Effect
Hyper beam.jpg Hyper beam $850 Offense +58 for Jeff
Bomb EB.jpg Bomb $149 Deals 45-135 damage with a chance of hitting adjacent enemies for 22-47 damage
Super bomb EB.jpg Super bomb $399 Deals 135-405 damage, with a chance to hit adjacent enemies for 67-202 damage
Bottle rocket.jpg Bottle rocket $29 Deals 90-150 damage. Chance to miss is ((Enemy speed x 2) - Jeff's speed)
Big bottle rocket.jpg Big bottle rocket $139 Deals 90-150 damage five times. Chance to miss is ((Enemy speed x 2) - Jeff's speed)


Item Price Effect
Cold remedy.jpg Cold remedy $22 Cures colds
Refreshing herb.jpg Refreshing herb $80 Cures colds, nausea, poison, sunstroke, crying, strangeness, and sleep
Protein drink.jpg Protein drink $38 Restores about 80 HP
Calorie stick.jpg Calorie stick $18 Restores about 60 HP


Item Price Effect
Deluxe fry pan.jpg Deluxe fry pan $598 Offense +30 for Paula
Chef's fry pan.jpg Chef's fry pan $1198 Offense +40 for Paula
Silver bracelet.jpg Silver bracelet $599 Defense +15
Gold bracelet.jpg Gold bracelet $2799 Defense +30
Insecticide spray.jpg Insecticide spray $19 Deals about 50~150 damage to all insect enemies, and has a luck/80 chance to miss
Toothbrush.jpg Toothbrush $3 Solidifies an enemy
Protractor.jpg Protractor $2 Does nothing


Item Price Effect
Sand lot bat.jpg Sand lot bat $98 Offense +15 for Ness
Minor league bat.jpg Minor league bat $399 Offense +26 for Ness
Mr baseball bat.jpg Mr. Baseball bat $498 Offense +38 for Ness
Baseball cap.jpg Baseball cap $19 Defense +5 for Ness


Item Price Effect
Trick yoyo.jpg Trick yo-yo $998 Increases Offense by 46 and causes the user to miss 18.75% of the time
Coin of slumber.jpg Coin of slumber $1500 Defense +30
Coin of defense.jpg Coin of defense $2000 Defense +40
Red ribbon.jpg Red ribbon $179 Defense +25 for Paula
Defense ribbon.jpg Defense ribbon $389 Defense +40 for Paula
TeddyBearOverworld.png Teddy bear $178 Takes hits from enemies


Sprite Enemy name Notes
PresentEarthbound.png Musica Blackout only; 1/128 chance of dropping a Sudden guts pill
PresentEarthbound.png Mystical Record Blackout only; 2/128 chance of dropping a Pizza
PresentEarthbound.png Scalding Coffee Cup Blackout only; 64/128 chance of dropping a Cup of coffee
DeptStoreSpookOverview.png Dept. Store Spook Boss; Blackout only


  • Should Paula have the Pencil Eraser in her inventory when she is kidnapped and after defeating Dept. Store Spook, Ness would receive a call from Tracy once the party is outside of the store, telling him that the Escargo Express had received the Pencil Eraser from her and tells that the party can get it from her directly or from the company's deliveryman. This is because the item is required to progress through the Monkey Cave.


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