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Run (Japanese:はしる[1] Run, にげる Flee, and ダッシュ Dash) is a command in the Mother series.

In EarthBound Beginnings

In battle

Ninten runs away from a Centipede.

In battle, the run command can be used to escape from the battle. Ninten's party will not gain experience points, however, and it has a high rate of failure, with only a 50% chance of succeeding. The PSI technique, 4th-D Slip, has a similar effect, but has a 100% success rate and costs 16 PP.

Outside of battle

Ninten's running speed is double that of his normal speed.

In the English prototype and Mother 1+2, the run command will double Ninten's walking speed. The prototype also speeds up non-playable characters and other miscellaneous processes when the run command is used. In the prototype, it is accessed by using the B button by default, but can be changed to start or select as well. In the Mother 1+2 version of the game, it is accessed by holding the R button. According to the script writer of the prototype, Phil Sandhop, the run command's out of battle usage was originally added for debugging the game, but he convinced the higher-ups at Nintendo to have it kept in the game.[2]

In EarthBound

In EarthBound, the run command can only be used in battle, with its out of battle usage replaced by the Skip sandwich, Skip sandwich DX, and the Bicycle. In battle, the Speed statistic of the fastest party member determines the chance of running away, and it is no longer usable by each individual party member; only by the leading character.

In Mother 3

In battle
Icon used in the battle menu

The run command remains mostly unchanged from EarthBound.

Outside of battle

The run command's usage outside of battle returns in Mother 3, assigned to the B button. To use it, the B button must be held for about a second, and the player's current lead character will then run on their own, only changing direction when a button on the D-pad is pressed, and only stopping when they bump into something or the B button is pressed again. Certain objects or characters need to be rammed into to break them or knock them over as well. When a character is feverish, they can not run.