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Trivia Card

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Trivia Cards are items in Mother 3. There are 4 in total. They can only be used on human enemies, and even then, not all of them. The questions on the cards are never stated in game, however, they are implied to be questions about the Mother series game developers.

Trivia Card 1


Trivia Card 1 can be found in a present in the lobby of the Hotel Yado. The correct answer to Trivia Card 1 is This game stinks!

Enemy Answer
Pigmask This game rocks!
Fierce Pork Trooper Magic!
Pigmask Captain This game is amazing!
Pigmask Major This game stinks!
Navy SQUEAL This game kicks butt!
Pigmask Colonel This game kicks butt!

Trivia Card 2


Trivia Card 2 can be found in a present in Thunder Tower after the Fierce Pork Trooper battle. The correct answer to Trivia Card 2 is Croquette roll.

Enemy Answer
Pigmask Croquette roll!
Fierce Pork Trooper Baccio!
Pigmask Captain Fish and chips!
Pigmask Major Ramen!
Navy SQUEAL Croquette roll!
Pigmask Colonel Croquette roll!

Trivia Card 3


Trivia Card 3 can be found in a present in the Sea Floor Dungeon. The correct answer to Trivia Card 3 is Ape.

Enemy Answer
Pigmask Ape!
Fierce Pork Trooper Shimmy Zmizz!
Pigmask Captain Ape!
Pigmask Major Wildcats!
Navy SQUEAL Hedgehog!
Pigmask Colonel Ape!

Trivia Card 4


Trivia Card 4 can be received from a man in New Pork City after defeating the King Statue. The correct answer to Trivia Card 4 is the Civil War.

Enemy Answer
Pigmask Prohibition
Fierce Pork Trooper OJ!
Pigmask Captain The Industrial Revolution!
Pigmask Major The Civil War!
Navy SQUEAL The Peasants' Revolt!
Pigmask Colonel Battle of the Alamo!