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List of recovery items in Mother 3

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This is a list of recovery items in Mother 3.

List of recovery items in Mother 3
HP  •  PP  •  Status  •  Mementos  •  Unused
Name Japanese HP recovered Price Additional effects Where to find

BagOfBigCityFries.png Bag of Big City Fries だいとかいポテト
Big City Potatoes
70 HP 70 DP Club Titiboo, New Pork City (Shop). Greedier Mouse (30% drop)
French fries with an urban flair. Restores 70 HP.

BagOfPorkChips.png Bag of Pork Chips とんかつチップ
Pork Cutlet Chips
50 HP 28 DP Highway, New Pork City (Shop). Pigmask (50% drop)
Greasy junk food. Restores 50 HP.

BakedYam.png Baked Yam やきいも
Baked Yam
40 HP Baked Yammonster (50% drop), Negative Man (10% drop)
A piping-hot baked yam. Restores 40 HP.

BeefJerky.png Beef Jerky ほしにく
Beef Jerky
60 HP 26 DP
Factory (Shop), Can be bought for 2 Rotten Eclairs at Osohe Castle. Cactus Wolf (100% drop). Agitated Boar, Balding Eagle, Li'l Big Bro, Pork Tank (70% drop). Bro Team (30% drop). Crag Lizard, Spineless Lobster, Ghost Armor (20% drop). Carpet Monster, Rockin' Ghost (15% drop). Great Antlion (10% drop). Ancient Dragonfly (15% drop). Parental Kangashark (10% drop). Ostrelephant (5% drop).
Carefully sun-dried meat. Restores 60 HP.

Beefsteak.png Beefsteak びふてきステーキ
300 HP 2000 DP New Pork City (Shop)
A thick, juicy steak. Restores 300 HP.

BigCityBurger.png Big City Burger だいとかいバーガー
Big City Burger
100 HP 60 DP Club Titiboo, New Pork City (Shop)
A popular hamburger in the big city. Restores 100 HP.

BigCityCola.png Big City Cola だいとかいコーラ
Big City Cola
30 HP 30 DP Club Titiboo, New Pork City (Shop)
This drink is a hit at Club Titiboo. Restores 30 HP.

BigCitySoda.png Big City Soda だいとかいソーダ
Big City Soda
20 HP 8 DP Club Titiboo (Shop)
A soda that's currently all the rage. Restores 20 HP.

BreadRoll.png Bread Roll ロールパン
Bread Roll
60 HP 30 DP Really Flying Mouse, Naughty Mushroom (15% drop), Reconstructed Mole (10% drop), Club Titiboo (Attic shop)
A bread roll with a delicious, buttery aroma. Restores 60 HP.

CupOfPorkNoodles.png Cup of Pork Noodles とんかつヌードル
Pork Cutlet Noodles
80 HP 80 DP Highway, Thunder Tower, Chimera Lab, New Pork City (Shop). Pigmask Captain (10% drop)
A cup of instant noodles with bits of pork. Restores 80 HP.

DoggyBiscuit.png Doggy Biscuit イヌようクッキー
Dog Cookie
60 HP*
6 HP*
16 DP Give to a stray dog on the Highway in exchange for a Pencil Rocket Club Titiboo (Shop). Muttshroom (10% drop). Dogfish (15% drop).
A favorite treat among dogs. Restores 60 HP.

DoggyJerky.png Doggy Jerky イヌようほしにく
Doggy Jerky
150 HP*
6 HP*
Dogfish (10% drop)
A sunbaked jerky treat for dogs. Restores 150 HP.

DoubleJerky.png Double Jerky にどぼしにく
Double Jerky
160 HP 240 Mole Cricket Hole, Tanetane Island, New Pork City (Mole Cricket Shop). Magman (20% drop). Blue Balding Eagle (15% drop)
Twice-dried jerky. Restores 160 HP.

EdibleMushroom.png Edible Mushroom たべられるキノコ
Edible Mushroom
20 HP Only in Tazmily Village shop in Chapter 1. Tazmily Village (Shop). Detached Leech (70% drop). Ramblin' Mushroom (60% drop)
A mushroom that's delicious even raw. Restores 20 HP.

FavoritePizza.png Favorite Pizza ごひいきピザ
Your Favorite Pizza
250 HP 1560 DP New Pork City (Shop)
A pizza pie for the best and most regular of customers. Restores 250 HP.

FizzySoda.png Fizzy Soda きっついソーダ
Fizzy Soda
20 HP 6 DP Factory (Shop). Screwloose (10% drop)
A brisk soda for the end of a hard day! Restores 20 HP!

FreshEgg.png Fresh Egg うみたてたまご
Fresh Egg
80 HP 40 DP After a while, turns into a Chick
Taking it into a Hot spring will turn it into a Hot Spring Egg
Tazmily Village (Shop). Slitherhen (5% drop). Tender Loving Tree (20% drop). From a chicken east of the Chimera Lab, near the Hot Spring.
An egg rich with nutrients. Restores 80 HP.

FreshMilk.png Fresh Milk しぼりたてミルク
Fresh Milk
80 HP After 5 minutes, turns into Rotten Milk. Receive from numerous cows throughout the game. Tazmily Village (Shop). Cattlesnake (50% drop)
Freshly-squeezed milk. Restores 80 HP.

GiantAbaloneSteak.png Giant Abalone Steak でかアワビステーキ
Giant Abalone Steak
180 HP 400 DP Tazmily Village (Beach vendor). Rock Lobster (10% drop).
A grilled and buttered abalone filet. Restores 180 HP.

GrilledChicken.png Grilled Chicken とりのヘルシーやき
Healthy Grilled Chicken
170 HP 300 DP Argilla Pass, Chupichupyoi Temple, New Pork City (Mole Cricket Shop)
Grilled chicken that's low in fat. Restores 170 HP.

GrilledFish.png Grilled Fish やきざかな
Grilled Fish
120 HP 150 DP Argilla Pass (Mole Cricket Shop)
Fish that's been grilled with a sizzle. Restores 120 HP.

HotDogSushi.png Hot Dog Sushi ホットドッグずし
Hot Dog Sushi
120 HP 200 DP New Pork City (Shop). Pigmask Major (10% drop).
A hot dog and sushi Chimera. Restores 120 HP.

HotSpringEgg.png Hot Spring Egg おんせんたまご
Hot Spring Egg
100 HP Have a Fresh Egg while using a hot spring. Scamperin' Mushroom (10% drop)
An egg with a firm yolk and a thick white. Restores 100 HP.

InnitTea.png Innit Tea ジャナイカティー
Janaika Tea
15 HP Only available in Chapter 1. Tazmily Village (Shop)
A popular tea in Tazmily. Restores 15 HP.

JumboShrimpSoup.png Jumbo Shrimp Soup どでかえびのスープ
Jumbo Shrimp Soup
150 HP 350 DP Tazmily Village (Beach vendor).
A soup made with tantalizing jumbo shrimp. Restores 150 HP.

KingBurger.png King Burger おうさまバーガー
King Burger
280 HP 1700 DP New Pork City (Shop). Pigmask Colonel (15% drop).
Packed so full that the buns barely hold it together. Restores 280 HP.

LottoMeal.png Lotto Meal ちんちんごはん
Lotto Meal
Various Effects 104 DP Saturn Valley (Shop)
When eaten in battle, anything can happen.

LuckyRice.png Lucky Rice ラッキーライス
Lucky Rice
Varies 126 DP Saturn Valley (Shop)
Rice so tasty, you feel lucky just to be eating it. HP restored depends on luck.

LuxuryBanana.png Luxury Banana こうきゅうバナナ
Luxury Banana
120 HP 500 DP Thunder Tower (Shop). Batangutan (1% drop). Ten-Yeti (15% drop). New Fassad (100% drop). Monkalrus (15% drop)
One rarely comes across bananas like this. Restores 120 HP.

Nut.png Nut ナッツ
5 HP Give 1 to Caroline to get a Nut Cookie
Give 3 to Caroline to get Nut Bread. Shop item in Chapter 1 only.
Tazmily Village (Shop). Sunshine Forest (On ground during Chapters 1-3). Praying Mantis (50% drop).
A nut you can use to barter with. Restores 5 HP.

NutBread.png Nut Bread このみパン
Nut Bread
30 HP
Mr. Batty (20% drop). Yammonster (60% drop). Firefly (100% drop). Mischievous Mole (70% drop). Greedy Mouse (20% drop). Tree (20% drop). Zombie Dog (70% drop). Barrel Man (70% drop). Violent Roach (10% drop). Sand Lizard (50% drop). HUGE Pillbug (30% drop)
Bread made from nuts. Restores 30 HP.

NutCookie.png Nut Cookie このみクッキ-
Nut Cookie
15 HP Mr. Batty (2% drop). Big Bro (70% drop). Bro Team (50% drop).
A cookie topped with nuts. Restores 15 HP.

PastaWithAPast.png Pasta with a Past わけありパスタ
Odd Pasta
190 HP 1400 DP New Pork City (Shop)
Pasta of unspeakable circumstance. Restores 190 HP.

PeculiarCheese.png Peculiar Cheese クセのあるチーズ
Peculiar Cheese
60 HP*
20 HP*
Characters who like it are randomly generated Flying Mouse (20% drop). Greedy Mouse (20% drop). Artsy Ghost (15% drop). Ghost Sword (10% drop). Osohe Cape (10% drop). Greedier Mouse (50% drop)
Cheese that you either love or hate. HP restored varies from person to person.

PickledVeggiePlate.png Pickled Veggie Plate おつけもの
Pickled Vegetables
10 HP 10 DP Club Titiboo
100% drop by Fierce Pork Trooper (First fight)
A dish of old-fashioned pickled vegetables. Restores 10 HP.

PorkStew.png Pork Stew とんかっちゃん
100HP 120 DP Chimera Lab (Shop). Navy SQUEAL (10% drop).
A big favorite among some. Restores 100 HP.

RichKidStew.png Rich Kid Stew あまえんぼシチュー
Spoiled Kid Stew
150 HP 1000 DP New Pork City (Shop).
A delicious stew with no bitter vegetables. Restores 150 HP.

RichParfait.png Rich Parfait こってりパフェ
Rich Parfait
170 HP 1300 DP New Pork City (Shop). Return of Octobot (15% drop).
A parfait chock-full of sweets. Restores 170 HP.

RottenMilk.png Rotten Milk ふるいミルク
Rotten Milk
10 HP After 30 minutes, turns into Yogurt Hold onto Fresh Milk for 5 minutes. Ghost Shield (10% drop). Zombidillo (5% drop).
Milk that's probably best to stay away from. Restores 10 HP.

SincerityDumplings.png Sincerity Dumplings せいじつダンゴ
Sincerity Dumplings
100 HP 100 DP Mole Cricket Hole, Fire Mountain, Tanetane Island, Argilla Pass, Chupichupyoi Temple (Mole Cricket Shop)
Dumplings made with the mole crickets' sincerity. Restores 100 HP.

StrawberryTofu.png Strawberry Tofu いちごとうふ
Strawberry Tofu
120 HP 180 DP Saturn Valley (Shop)
A stylish dessert. Restores 120 HP.

WhiteCroissant.png White Croissant シロワッサン
White Croissant
70 HP 40 DP Tazmily Village (Shop).
A soft, textured pastry. Restores 70 HP.

Yogurt.png Yogurt ヨーグルト
80 HP Have Rotten Milk in inventory for 30 minutes. Ghost Knight (70% drop)
Yogurt that's easy on the stomach. Restores 80 HP.
HP  •  PP  •  Status  •  Mementos  •  Unused
Name Japanese PP recovered Price Additional effects Where to find

MagicGelatin.png Magic Gelatin マジックゼリー
Magic Jelly
20 PP 20% drop by Lingering Spirit. 10% drop by Whatever. 5% drop by Gently Weeping Guitar, Rooound Fish
Brightly shimmering gelatin. Restores 20 PP.

MagicTart.png Magic Tart マジックタルト
Magic Tart
30 PP 5% drop by Grated Yammonster, Short Circuit Zap!, Einswine. 10% drop by Frosted Bun.
A strangely captivating tart. Restores 30 PP.

MagicPudding.png Magic Pudding マジックプリン
Magic Pudding
40 PP 20% drop by Fenomeno. 10% drop by Men's Room Sign. 5% drop by Unwelcome Gust
Pudding that wobbles on its own. Restores 40 PP.

MagicCake.png Magic Cake マジックケーキ
Magic Cake
50 PP Empire Porky Building (present)
A cake that shines with pale pink color. Restores 50 PP.
HP  •  PP  •  Status  •  Mementos  •  Unused
Name Japanese Status restored Price Additional effects Where to find

Antidote.png Antidote どくけし
Poison Antidote
Poison 8 DP
Sunshine Forest (Chest in Isaac's house). Tazmily Village, Factory, Club Titiboo attic shop, Chimera Lab, New Pork City (Shop). Mighty Bitey Snake (20% drop). Walking Bushie (10% drop). Horsantula (10% drop).
If you're poisoned (Status Poison M3.png), this is for you. Amazingly fast-acting!

Anti-Paralysis.png Anti-Paralysis しびれとり
Paralysis Remover
Paralysis 14 DP
Just the thing for numbness (Status Paralysis M3.png). Sour, but it really does the trick!

AlarmCicada.png Alarm Cicada めざましゼミ
Alarm Cicada
Sleep 18 DP Tazmily Village, Fire Mountain, Tanetane Island, Argilla Pass (Shop). Pyrefly (10% drop)
A loud sound blasts away sleepiness (Status Sleep M3.png). Wakes any sleepyhead with just one shot!

FreshMint.png Fresh Mint すっきりミント
Refreshing Mint
Sickness 16 DP
Highway, Thunder Tower, Chimera Lab, New Pork City sewer (Shop). Can be bought for 1 Rotten Eclair at Osohe Castle. Arachnid! (20% drop). Pseudoor (15% drop). Road Block (20% drop).
Feeling sick (Status Nausea M3.png) and under the weather? This mint's piercing aroma will perk you right up.

PaperFan.png Paper Fan ハリセン
Slapping Fan
Confusion 12 DP Tazmily Village, Factory, Thunder Tower, Fire Mountain (Shop). Filthy Attack Roach (10% drop).
If you're confused (Status Confused M3.png), one painless whack with this fan will return you to your senses.

Sprite used in the Mother 3 fan translation
Sprite used in the original Japanese version
Recollection Bell なにかのひょうし
By Some Sort of Beat
Forgetfulness 20 DP Thunder Tower, Fire Mountain, Tanetane Island (Shop).
Feeling forgetful (Status Forget M3.png)? Nothing seems to ring a bell? Then ring this one to remember.

EyeDrops.png Eye Drops めぐすり
Eye Drops
Crying 10 DP Factory, Thunder Tower, Chimera Lab (Shop).
When the tears (Status Crying M3.png) just won't stop, one drop will do the trick.

FleaPowder.png Flea Powder ノミとりパウダー
Flea-removing Powder
Fleas 30 DP Factory, Mole Cricket Hole, Fire Mountain, Tanetane Island (Shop). Pigtunia (10% drop).
The best solution for flea (Status Fleas M3.png) problems. They're gone before you know it.

SecretHerb.png Secret Herb うらカンポー
Secret Kampo
All 600 DP KO'd characters revive at 25% HP.
Removes all negative status effects, including incapacitation.

CupOfLifenoodles.png Cup of Lifenoodles いのちのうどん
Life Noodles
All 1780 DP KO'd characters revive at 100% HP. Tanetane Island, Argilla Pass, Chupichupyoi Temple, New Pork City, Empire Porky Building (Mole Cricket Shop). Mecha-Lion (10% drop). Minerali (10% drop).
Removes all negative status effects and fully heals incapacitation.
Magypsy mementos
HP  •  PP  •  Status  •  Mementos  •  Unused
Name Japanese Magypsy Price Effect Where to get

AeoliasMemento.png Aeolia's Memento エオリアのかたみ
Aeolia's Memento
Aeolia When the holder is KO'd, they revive at full HP. Mt. Oriander
Aeolia's memento, a razor and lipstick.

DoriasMemento.png Doria's Memento ドリアのかたみ
Doria's Memento
Doria When the holder is KO'd, they revive at full HP. Murasaki Forest
Doria's memento, a razor and lipstick.

LydiasMemento.png Lydia's Memento リディアのかたみ
Lydia's Memento
Lydia When the holder is KO'd, they revive at full HP. Fire Mountain
Lydia's memento, a razor and lipstick.

PhrygiasMemento.png Phrygia's Memento フリギアのかたみ
Phrygia's Memento
Phrygia When the holder is KO'd, they revive at full HP. Snowcap Mountain
Phrygia's memento, a razor and lipstick.

MissysMemento.png Missy's Memento ミッシーのかたみ
Missy's Memento
Mixolydia When the holder is KO'd, they revive at full HP. Tanetane Island
Mixolydia's memento, a razor and lipstick.

IoniasMemento.png Ionia's Memento イオニアのかたみ
Ionia's Memento
Ionia When the holder is KO'd, they revive at full HP. Chupichupyoi Temple
Ionia's memento, a razor and lipstick.

RazorAndLipstick.png Razor and Lipstick ヒゲそりとくちべに
Razor and Lipstick
Locria When the holder is KO'd, they revive at full HP. Empire Porky Building
Probably a memento of the Magypsy Locria. A razor and lipstick.
HP  •  PP  •  Status  •  Mementos  •  Unused
Name Japanese HP recovered Price Explanation Where to find

FavoriteFood.png Favorite food すきなたべもの
Favorite Food
The Mystery Metal Monkey can drop this item; however, the item does not actually
appear in the inventory, as it is a joke item. Sometimes, the item is placed into the inventory while using the Debug Room to go to different chapters.
A family favorite. Restores 300 HP.

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