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ボニー Boney
Boney M3 Sprite Upscaled.png
Boney's sprite from Mother 3
Gender Male
Appears in Mother 3
First chapter Chapter 1
Residence Tazmily Village
Traveling partners Flint
Signature weapon Collars
Canine Weapon
Non-PSI ability Sniff
Combo Instrument

Boney is one of the main characters in Mother 3. He lives with Flint and his family, and first appears in Chapter 1.

In Mother 3


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In Chapter 1

Boney's first appearance is in Chapter 1, before Flint goes inside of Sunshine Forest to search for his family. He decides to take Boney along with him, who fights alongside him in battles. Reaching a dead end at Mt. Oriander, Boney is used as a messenger of sorts, when Wess ties a yellow ribbon around his neck and is told to go find Duster. The yellow ribbon is a special message of sorts, and Wess is positive that Duster will know what it means. He successfully finds him, asleep in his house, although Boney ends up having to drag Duster along the ground for half of the trip before he wakes up. Duster, using his Thief Tools, allows the party to scale the cliff, where Flint, Boney, and Duster find the Pigmask Army tampering with a caribou. After defeating the caribou, Boney is taken aside while Flint hears the news about his wife. Boney remains in his doghouse for the remainder of Chapter 1, Chapter 2, and Chapter 3.

In Chapter 4

Boney offers to take Lucas for a walk. The party learns that the bassist in the DCMC, Lucky, looks a lot like Duster, and is performing at Club Titiboo. Traveling across the Railway, Boney smells something along the way, and begins barking, leading Lucas to Ionia, who teaches Lucas to use PSI. At the end of the Railway, a Ropeway denies entry without tickets, forcing Lucas to get a part-time job at the Factory, where Boney runs on a treadmill to help supply power, loudly barking and disrupting the other animals. With Lucas receiving his reward, the two ride the Ropeway to Club Titiboo, but the bodyguards don't let them in, because children and dogs aren't allowed. Dressing Boney in a costume, the two try again, only to have Violet, the waitress at Club Titiboo, tell the bodyguards to let them in. Violet reveals herself to be Kumatora, and the three plan to meet after the show. After the DCMC concert, Kumatora leads them through a tunnel leading to an attic. At the end of the dungeon, the two defeat the Jealous Bass and its cohorts, and the two drop to Lucky's room, where Kumatora and Duster join Lucas's party.

In Chapter 5

Boney removes his disguise and begins walking on four legs again. Searching for the Egg of Light, the party comes across the Clayman that Duster had hidden it in - however, it is promptly struck by lightning, activating it as it runs off. Giving chase, Lucas is mistaken for the Pigmask Army's commander, and his party are given pig masks. They are given a Pork Bean to traverse the Highway, but it slips on a banana peel on the way, demolishing it. The Fierce Pork Trooper offers his Pork Bean, but then recognizes Lucas and Boney from Club Titiboo. After defeating him, they continue to chase the Clayman, finally catching up with it at the dump. The Forlorn Junk Heap then attacks the party before they can retrieve the egg. After defeating it, the party finally retrieves the Hummingbird Egg, restoring Duster's memory. Lucas, still being mistaken for the commander, is escorted along with his party to Thunder Tower. Midway through the tower, they find the Fierce Pork Trooper again, this time in his battle suit. After defeating him, Fassad interrupts them, and their cover is blown. They flee further up the tower. At the top, an alarm goes off, and Mr. Genetor attacks the party. With Mr. Genetor destroyed, they reach the top of the tower, where Fassad finally catches up. Taunting them, Fassad orders the tower be destroyed with them still on it, and calls the Mother Porkship to pick him up. Fassad then slips on a banana peel, injuring him. Using the Rope Snake, Lucas's group latches onto the ship, with the Masked Man looming over. Rope Snake's jaw doesn't hold, and Lucas's party is separated.

In Chapter 6

Lucas finds Boney nearby where he lands in the Sunflower Fields. Both of them see an apparition of Hinawa, guiding them off a cliff.

In Chapter 7

Lucas and Boney land in a pile of hay, where Alec and Wess were told to pile it in their dreams by Hinawa. Both of them wake up at the Old Man's Paradise, and find Ionia outside, tied up. They stand Ionia up and the three travel to Aeolia's house. Aeolia disappears in front of them, and Ionia guides them to the first of the Seven Needles, already pulled. Upon entering the Chimera laboratory Boney puts on a Pigmask helmet as does Lucas. While being chased by the Ultimate Chimera, Dr. Andonuts suggests using Boney as bait. After the Ultimate Chimera's defeat, Boney will chase after Andonuts as revenge for his suggestion. After saving Salsa, Lucas and co. meet up with Doria and Kumatora. Kumatora will introduce everyone in the players party, including Duster if the player saves him before Salsa, but has to ask Lucas for Boney's name. If the player chooses to go to Snowcap mountain before saving Duster or Kumatora, Boney will have a few additional lines of dialogue. Same with Tanetane island, and Saturn Valley. In Tanetane island, Boney will be the only one who won't eat the mushrooms. Despite this his hp will still recover. He also refuses to go into the hot spring in the island, due to him being able to see it for what it really is. On the way through Argilla pass, Lucas will drop the jar of yummy pickles and it's up to Boney to retrieve them! This is the only time the player will be able to control Boney by himself. Whenever Boney finds something shiny, he'll pick it up in his mouth and bring it to Lucas who'll identify what it is Boney has found. If Boney found the yummy pickles then the player will stop controlling Boney by himself as they regroup.

In Chapter 8

Arriving in New Pork City, the party travels to a theater, where Boney smells a stinkbug. Chasing it, Boney finds the apartment complex in the sewers underneath Arcade 1-Up. Lucas, Duster, and Kumatora are lead there by a man in the arcade who claims he hears a dog barking in the sewers below. Boney leads the party to Leder, who explains the history of the Nowhere Islands, committing it to a Stinkbug's Memory. The party traverses the sewers again, interrupted by Fassad again, with even more horns. Defeating him, Fassad drops into the sewers, and his Interpreter flies off, claiming she has no quarrel with them. Boney will stick with the party for the rest of the game right up until the final battle where he is taken out of commission, along with Duster and Kumatora.

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Special abilities

See also: Check, Spy

Boney's special ability is to Sniff (Japanese: においをかぐ Sniff) out any weaknesses and resistances a given enemy may have, listing off the enemy's "type", one PSI weakness and one resistance when used. This technique works similarly to Jeff's ability to spy on enemies and the Check command, although unlike spying or Checking, it does not list off the enemy's stats or a description. There are some enemies which Boney can't sniff such as the Forlorn Junk Heap or Miracle Fassad.

In the Super Smash Bros. Series

Boney appears as a part of Lucas' Final Smash in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. In addition, Boney appears as a part of Lucas' alternate costume, a Sticker in Brawl, and a spirit in Ultimate.


Boney wearing a handkerchief.
Boney in a disguise.
Boney in a Pigmask helmet.
Kumatora and Boney.png
Boney (right) as he appears in Super Smash Bros Ultimate


  • Out of the 4 main characters, Boney is the only one incapable of making use of the "Other" equipment slot.
  • One of Lucas's alternate costumes in the Super Smash Bros. series has a sprite of Boney's head on it.
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