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オネット Onetto

Onett as it appears in EarthBound.

Connected areas
Ness's house
Onett Public Library
Beak Point
Giant Step
Let the Adventure Begin
Sunrise & Onett Theme*

Onett (Japanese: オネット Onett) is a town in EarthBound located in Eagleland. It is home to a number of key characters in the game, among them being Ness and Porky Minch. Onett is where the game's protagonist, Ness, begins his adventure. The town was once harassed by a gang called The Sharks, led by Frank Fly. Later, when Ness must get a piece of a meteorite, the town becomes very dark as though it was the night the meteorite first landed again. However, this time, new enemies appear. Onett has a population of 3,500 people and two dogs, an average temperature of 72°F, and an annual rainfall of 10 inches. [1]


Onett is the first town in the game, and is Ness's hometown. At the north end of the town is Ness's house, along with his neighbor Porky's house. West of Ness and Porky's houses is a hill, of which in the nearby cliff is Lier X. Agerate's house. At the very top of the hill is where a meteor landed at the beginning if the game. On the western side of the hill is the traveling entertainer's shack and the caverns leading to Giant Step, the first Your Sanctuary of the game.

Going south of Ness's house is the main area of the town, where most of the businesses are found. The building located north is the library where Ness can borrow a map. South of the library is the drug store, with the burger shop right next to it. The building in the center is the Town Hall where the irresponsible mayor B.H. Pirkle resides. East of the Town Hall is the hotel which costs $35 per person, and south of the Town Hall is the hospital. The southernmost businesses is a Mach Pizza joint (although it has not opened yet), and an arcade, a bakery, and a police station.

Continuing south is a road that connects Onett to the town of Twoson.

Beak Point

Main article: Beak Point

The western cape, Beak Point, contains a house which Ness may buy for $7500, containing a Photo-Man location and a magazine with an excerpt of My Secret Life.


Concept art of Ness, accompanied by King, looking down at his house.

Onett is dotted with trees, grass, and hills. To the north is a large mountainous area home to Porky Minch, Ness, and the meteorite. To the south is thick forest and a dirt road connecting Onett to Twoson. The east is covered in a thick forest until it borders the northern hills. To the west is the ocean which can be seen from Beak Point, where Ness can buy a very expensive and run-down house.


At the start of the game, a meteor falls down, which wakes up most of the town. Ness's sneaks out of his room to see the meteor, and finds Porky, who says that he should go home, and that he will tell more about the meteor tomorrow. Later on, Ness is woken up by Porky knocking on his door. He tells Ness that he took his younger brother Picky to see the meteorite, but Picky got lost, and he forces Ness to help him find Picky so that he doesn't get in trouble. Once Ness agrees, they return to the site where the meteorite landed where they find Picky, who fell asleep. Picky explains that it was actually Porky who got scared and ran away and that he was looking everywhere to find Porky. As they leave, Porky hears a buzzing noise and the meteorite glows and Buzz Buzz, a bee like alien, emergers from the meteorite. He explains Giygas's plan to destroy the universe, telling Ness that he and three other people are the chosen heros, and helps Ness as he leaves. After they are confronted by a Starman Jr. and defeating it, Porky and Picky are returned home, where the two are in trouble for being out after dark. Lardna mistakes Buzz Buzz for a dung beetle and kills him, but before dying, Buzz Buzz gives Ness the Sound Stone and tells him about his special Your Sanctuary locations, with the first being the Giant Step, and sends him on his journey.

Dawn breaks as Ness leaves the Minchs' house, Ness then heads south to the main part of town, where The Sharks, the local gangsters, are causing trouble. The Sharks had trashed the Traveling Entertainer's Shack, which is the only entrerance to the Giant Step. Due to this, the mayor B.H. Pirkle had locked the entrance to the shack. Ness defeats their leader Frank Fly, who disbands the gang, and goes to the Town Hall and recieves the key to the shack from the mayor. Ness now has access to the shack, where he can then enter the Giant Step to reach his first Sanctuary. After defeating the Titanic Ant he returns to town where he is arrested for trespassing, and is taken to the Onett Police Station. The police force attempts to challenge Ness, but fails, allowing Ness to travel to Twoson.

Ness returns later in the game to borrow the Overcoming Shyness book from the library to lend to the Tenda tribe to help them become social.

Near the end of the game, Ness once again returns to Onett at night to retrieve the Zexonyte from the meteorite, this time Giygas has begun his invasion and the town has become dangerous. The people have locked themselves in their houses, including Ness's family (sans his father), though Ness's mother still heals him when spoken to. Ness braves the invasion collects the meteorite piece.

After Giygas is defeated, Onett was returned to normal and Ness is welcomed home.


Onett Bakery

Onett Bakery is located to the south of the town.

Onett Bakery
Baker EB.gif
Name Price Effect
Cookie $7 Restores about 6 HP
Bread roll $12 Restores about 30 HP
Skip sandwich $38 Restores about 6 HP; walking speed is greatly boosted for about ten seconds
Lucky sandwich $128 Restores a varying amount of HP

Onett Burger Shop

The burger shop is at the northern section of town, beside the Drug Store.

Onett Burger Shop
Saleswoman EB.png
Name Price Effect
Can of fruit juice $4 Restores about 6 HP
Cup of coffee $6 Restores about 12 HP
Bag of fries $8 Restores about 24 HP
Hamburger $14 Restores about 48 HP

Onett Drugstore

The Drug Store is located next to the burger shop.

Onett Drugstore
Mr Fork.gif
Name Price Effect
Cracked bat $18 Weapon for Ness
Tee ball bat $48 Weapon for Ness
Yo-yo $28 Weapon for everybody
Baseball cap $19 Defensive equipment for Ness
Cheap bracelet $98 Defensive equipment for everybody

Onett Drugstore
Old man EB.png
Name Price Effect
Cold remedy $22 Cures a cold

Other points of interest

Onett Public Library

Main article: Onett Public Library

Located in the far north of town. The player can recieve a map, and later on the player comes to recieve the Overcoming Shyness book.


The clubhouse is located in a small forested area behind the library. Ness can talk to one of the kids there who will give him a Mr Baseball Cap for free.


1st visit

  • Cracked bat
  • Cookie
  • Bread roll

2nd visit

  • Can of fruit juice
  • Hamburger
  • Mr. Baseball Cap
  • Town map

3rd visit

  • Exit mouse
  • Hamburger

4th visit

  • Meteorite piece



Sprite Enemy name Notes
EB Coil Snake Overworld sprite.png Coil Snake 4/128 chance of dropping a Cookie
SpitefulCrowOverworld.gif Spiteful Crow Always drops a Cookie
RunawayDogOverworld.gif Runaway Dog 4/128 chance of dropping a Bread roll
StarmanOverworld.gif Starman Junior Boss
Shark.gif Pogo Punk Always drops a Hamburger
Shark.gif Skate Punk 1/128 chance of dropping a Pizza
Shark.gif Yes Man Junior 4/128 chance of dropping a Bag of fries
EB Frank Overworld sprite.png Frank Boss
EB Frankystein Mark II Overworld sprite.png Frankystein Mark II Boss; Immediately after Frank
EB Cop Overworld sprite.png Cop Event fight; four in a row; 16/128 chance of dropping a Hamburger
EB Captain Strong Overworld sprite.png Captain Strong Boss; Immediately after four Cops; 4/128 chance of dropping a Boiled egg
SmallEnemyOverworld.gif Black Antoid Only on path to Twoson; 32/128 chance of dropping a Cookie
MushroomEnemyOverworld.gif Ramblin' Evil Mushroom Only on path to Twoson; 8/128 chance of dropping a Ketchup packet

Later visit

Sprite Enemy name Notes
EB Diamond Shaped Enemy sprite.png Evil Eye 8/128 chance of dropping a Meteotite
EB Diamond Shaped Enemy sprite.png Ghost of Starman 1/128 chance of dropping a Goddess ribbon
EB Diamond Shaped Enemy sprite.png Mechanical Octobot 1/128 chance of dropping a Meteotite

In the Super Smash Bros. series

Onett as seen in Super Smash Bros
Main article: Onett (stage)

Onett appears as a stage in Super Smash Bros. Melee. It also reappears in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Super Smash Bros. 4, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as one of the Familiar stages, being the home stage of Ness. The setting of the stage is in front of the drug store. Obstacles include passerby cars that will hit any player situated upon the ground. The four cars that pass by are: a blue coupe, a pink coupe, a yellow taxi cab, and the Runaway Five's tour bus.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Dutch Onett -
French Onett -
German Onett -
Italian Onett -
Korean 오넷트
Russian Онетт
Spanish Onett -

Name origin

Onett derives from the number one, a reference to this being the first town the player visits in the game.


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