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The newest games in the Super Smash Bros. series come in two versions, both released in 2014. Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS is the first game in the series for a handheld system; while Super Smash Bros. for Wii U is the first to be in HD.

Common to Both Games


Ness returns as a playable character in both games, being an unlockable character in the 3DS version, and a default character in the Wii U version. Lucas returns from Brawl, as a downloadable character released on June 14th, 2015. With the addition of customizable characters, Ness gains new possible special moves, some of them, like PK Freeze, coming directly from Lucas' moveset. Additionally, both characters gain new alternate outfits.

Assist Trophies

Jeff reprises his role of being an assist trophy, while Starman appears as a new helper. Jeff fires bottle rockets at enemies as before, while Starman shoots PK Beam at fighters and teleports around the stage.


Like before, the Franklin Badge and Mr. Saturn return as items with the same functions as the preceding games.


A Ness amiibo figure was released on May 29th, 2015. Nintendo has also stated plans to make a Lucas amiibo that will be released on December 17 in Japan, and January 22, 2016 in the U.S.

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS


Magicant, as it appears in the game.

Magicant appears as an original stage, being the only stage from the series in the game.

Flying Man will occasionally appear and help the player who touches him first by attacking the other fighters. When defeated, a grave appears near their house - and only a maximum of five can appear in a single battle, like both the games in which they appear.

Five other objects or characters sometimes appear as platforms: Mobile Sprout, Dungeon Man, the Sky Runner, iron octopus statues (appearing as iron pencil statues in the English version of EarthBound ), and giant tomatoes seen in the EarthBound version of Magicant.

Additionally, the left part of the sky will often "rip open" to reveal scenes from EarthBound and Mother including:

Smash Run

In this adventure mode, Starman appears as an enemy along with the Devil Car from Mother.

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U


The Onett stage comes back as now the only stage from the series, as the New Pork City stage was removed.

Smash Tour

Mr. Saturn, the Franklin Badge, Flying Man, Porky, and the Ultimate Chimera all appear as usable items in this board game mode.


A 5 minute demo version of Earthbound is unlocked when a score of over 1969 ft. is achieved in Home-Run Contest mode.


Three new remixes were made for the games: Magicant/Eight Melodies, Smiles and Tears, and Onett/Winters Theme. Other remixes that return:

  • Onett - reverted to the Melee version and renamed from "Mother"
  • Pollyanna (I Believe in You) - renamed from "Mother 2"
  • Snowman
  • Mother 3 Love Theme
  • Unfounded Revenge/Smashing Song of Praise
  • Porky's Theme


From Both Games
Ness SSB4 Trophy.png
Lucas SSB4 Trophy.png
Jeff SSB4 Trophy.png
Mr. Saturn SSB4Trophy.png
Mr. Saturn
Starman SSB4 Trophy.png
Flying Man SSB4 Trophy.png
Flying Man
Franklin Badge SSB4 Trophy.png
Franklin Badge
Lucas SSB4 Trophy (Brawl).png
Lucas (Brawl)
Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS
Ness (Alt) Trophy SSB3DS.png
Ness (Alt.)
Devil Car Trophy SSB3DS.png
Devil Car
Magicant Trophy SSB3DS.png
Sky Runner Trophy SSB3DS.png
Sky Runner
Dungeon Man Trophy SSB3DS.png
Dungeon Man
Porky StatueTrophy SSB3DS.png
Porky Statue
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
Ness (Alt) Trophy SBBWiiU.png
Ness (Alt.)
PK Starstorm Trophy SSBWiiU.png
PK Starstorm (Ness)
Lucas (Alt) Trophy SBBWiiU.png
Lucas (Alt.)
PK Starstorm Trophy (Lucas) SSBWiiU.png
PK Starstorm (Lucas)
Porky Trophy SSBWiiU.png
Ultimate Chimera Trophy SSBWiiU.png
Ultimate Chimera



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