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The debug room

The debug room is an area in Mother 3, inaccessible in normal gameplay. It is used to easily modify and check things, originally used by the developers, and was left in the game. However, some actions do not function properly, such as the chapter and event jumps.


Top row

Bottom row

  • A Pigmask allows the player to toggle party members.
  • A Pigmask Captain allows the player to change the party's levels, either individually or everyone's at once.
  • A Navy SQUEAL fills the party's inventory completely with Nuts
  • A Pigmask Major allows the player to view different fade effects for testing.
  • A Pigmask Colonel toggles all the memo and map flags.
  • Hinawa allows the player to save.
  • Selecting "CAST" views the cast and staff credits.
  • A Firefly resides in the corner, presumably used for battle testing.

Chapter events

Chapter Events
Flint.png Chapter 1 Alec's House
Flint's House
Firey Forest
Rest at Inn
At Cliff
Enter Duster
Twins Found
In Jail
To Alec's
Drago Plateau
Duster M3 Sprite.png Chapter 2 Wess's House
Osohe Castle
Noble Spittoon
Osohe Again
Wess's Dance
Egg of Light
Washed Up
Salsa.png Chapter 3 From Desert
Pork Bean
Happy Sales
Box Delivery
To Castle
Back to Inn
Kumatora Helps
Lucas M3 Sprite Upscaled.png Chapter 4 Flint's House
Cross Road
Violet's Room
Lucky's Room
Bon Voyage
ClaymanOverworld.png Chapter 5 Unknown Valley
Clay Factory
Thunder Tower
King's Room
Tower Top
Ionia.png Chapter 7 Nursing Home
Aeolia's House
Cross Road
Stumble Pass
Ionia's House
Chupi Temple
PorkyBotOverworld.png Chapter 8 Inside Limo
NPC Arrival
24 F Reunion
To 100 F
Game 1
Game 2
Game 3
NK Cyborg
Final Needle

Hacking subjects

Doll (unused enemy)  •  Gang Zombie (unused enemy)  •  Crooked Cop  •  Alkaline Man  •  Tiny Forest
Memo  •  Kindness  •  Debug Room  •  Debug NPC  •  List of glitch enemies in Mother 3

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