Ness's family

Ness's family consists of various characters that appear in EarthBound, supporting Ness on his various adventures.



Clay model of Ness's mom from EarthBound.

  Mom (Japanese: ママ Mama), named Rachael in the novelization, supports Ness's intentions, being very laid-back about letting her son do various things, such as go outside in the middle of the night to investigate the nearby meteor. She sends Ness a letter around the end of the game's events at Saturn Valley. She is skilled at cooking Ness's favorite food, and always makes it for him whenever he's home.

Throughout the game, Ness must call his mother occasionally so he can shake off potential homesickness.


  Dad (Japanese: パパ Papa), while never shown in-game, plays an important role in the game. He calls Ness around the time Picky is brought home. After this point, he can be called to save the game and will give Ness an ATM card to use, storing money in the account at times. He also provides information on how many experience points until a level up, and how much money is in Ness's account. He was said to have taken money from Pokey and Picky's father, though there is no indication of this outside of Aloysius's assertion.


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Tracy (Japanese: トレーシー Tracy) is Ness's younger sister, who later gets a job at Escargo Express and will deliver or store Ness's items.


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King (Japanese: チビ Chibi) is Ness's dog who has been around ever since Ness was a baby. Although he doesn't do much, he does come with Ness and Pokey Minch to go check out the meteor.

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