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There are many boss enemies in the Mother games.

In EarthBound Beginnings, bosses are few and far between, and the main distinction between them and other enemies is that they are encountered only at specific locations. In EarthBound, bosses guard many locations, including all Your Sanctuary locations. Mother 3 has a boss at the end of each chapter except Chapter 6 which contains no enemies; additionally, all of the Seven Needles have a boss encountered nearby. When encountering bosses in EarthBound and Mother 3, the entering battle sound is based on the one heard in Mother.

List of bosses

EarthBound Beginnings

Sprite Enemy name Notes
Lamp M1 sprite.png Lamp Ninten's house
Doll.gif Doll Ninten's house
StarmanJr.gif Starman Jr. Choucream Zoo
Dragon.gif Dragon Magicant Underground
TheFish.gif The Fish Magicant Underground
R7037.gif R7037 Yucca Desert
B.B.'s Boss B.B.'s Boss Live House
R7038.gif R7038 Mt. Itoi
R7038XX.gif R7038XX Mt. Itoi
Giegue Giegue Mt. Itoi


Sprite Enemy name Notes
M2 Starman Junior Sprite.png Starman Junior Onett
Frank EB sprite.png Frank Onett
Frankystein Mark II EB sprite.png Frankystein Mark II Onett
Titanicant.png Titanic Ant Giant Step
Cop EB sprite.png Cop Onett (x4)
Captain Strong EB sprite.png Captain Strong Onett
Everdred.png Everdred Burglin Park
MrCarpainter.png Mr. Carpainter Happy Happy Village
Mondomole.png Mondo Mole Lilliput Steps
Boogey Tent EB sprite.png Boogey Tent Threed
Mini Barf EB sprite.png Mini Barf Threed
MasterBelch.png Master Belch Belch's Base
Trillionagesprout.png Trillionage Sprout Milky Well
Guardian Digger EB sprite.png Guardian Digger Gold Mine (x5)
Dept Store Spook EB sprite.png Dept. Store Spook Grand Department Store
Evil Mani-Mani Evil Mani-Mani Moonside
M2 Clumsy Robot Sprite.png Clumsy Robot Monotoli Building
Shrooom!.png Shrooom! Rainy Circle
PlagueRatOfDoom.png Plague Rat of Doom Magnet Hill
ThunderAndStorm.png Thunder and Storm Pink Cloud
Kraken.png Kraken Seas near Scaraba
Guardian General EB sprite.png Guardian General Pyramid
Master Barf EB sprite.png Master Barf Deep Darkness
Starman Deluxe EB sprite.png Starman Deluxe Stonehenge
Electro Specter EB sprite.png Electro Specter Lumine Hall
Carbondog.png Carbon Dog Fire Spring
Diamonddog.png Diamond Dog Fire Spring
Kraken.png Kraken Sea of Eden (x3)
Ness's Nightmare.png Ness's Nightmare Sea of Eden
Heavily Armed Pokey Heavily Armed Pokey Cave of the Past
Giygas.png Giygas Cave of the Past

Mother 3

Sprite Enemy name Notes
ReconstructedCaribou.png Reconstructed Caribou Mt. Oriander
Mecha-Drago.png Mecha-Drago Drago Plateau
MrPassion.png Mr. Passion Osohe Castle
Clayman.png Clayman Osohe Castle
Oh-So-Snake.png Oh-So-Snake Osohe Castle
CactusWolf.png Cactus Wolf Death Desert
PorkTank.png Pork Tank Sunshine Forest
JealousBass.png Jealous Bass Club Titiboo
LordPassion.png Lord Passion Osohe Castle
FiercePorkTrooper1.png Fierce Pork Trooper Highway
ForlornJunkHeap.png Forlorn Junk Heap Highway
FiercePorkTrooper2.png Fierce Pork Trooper Thunder Tower
LilMissMarshmallow.png Li'l Miss Marshmallow Thunder Tower
MrGenetor.PNG Mr. Genetor Thunder Tower
M3 Almost Mecha-Lion sprite.png Almost Mecha-Lion Chimera Laboratory
SteelMechorilla.png Steel Mechorilla Snowcap Mountain
NewFassad.png New Fassad Fire Mountain
MasterEddy.png Master Eddy Sea Floor Dungeon
Zombieshroom.png Zombieshroom Tanetane Island
EerieSmile.png Eerie Smile Tanetane Island
BarrierTrio.png Barrier Trio Tanetane Island
Masked Man.png Masked Man Chupichupyoi Temple
Miracle Fassad.png Miracle Fassad New Pork City sewers
Kingstatue.png King Statue New Pork City
N.K. Cyborg N.K. Cyborg Empire Porky Building
PORKY 01-10 PORKY 01-10 Empire Porky Building
Porky Porky Below the Empire Porky Building
Masked Man.png Masked Man Below the Empire Porky Building