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アナ Ana
Ana EBB Artwork.png
Ana's official papier-mâché model.
Gender Female
Age 12 years[1]
Appears in EarthBound Beginnings
Residence Snowman
Relatives Unnamed father
Unnamed mother
Traveling partners Ninten
Signature weapon Frying pans
PSI capable? Yes

Ana Brewton[2] (alternatively Anna)[1] (Japanese: アナ Ana) is one of the main characters in EarthBound Beginnings. She lives with her parents in a building in the small and cold town of Snowman.

Ana is normally the third character to join Ninten, although she can be the second character to do so if the player chooses to have her accompany him before Lloyd. To do this, the player must make it through the train tunnel to Reindeer on foot, surviving all the enemies (4th-D Slip recommended), obtain Ana's hat at the Reindeer train station, continue on foot on the train tracks through Spookane, make it through the second tunnel, and then survive the Snowman enemies. The game progresses as normal with Ana, though it also makes the rest of the game easier as she learns her useful PSI quicker. It is not necessary to have Ana as a party member in order to finish the game.


Physical appearance

Ana weighs 36 kg, is 143 cm tall and has blood type B.[1] She has blond hair, which is tied up in two bunches on the opposite sides of her head by the use of red ribbons, making her hair end right above her ears. After joining Ninten's and Lloyd's party, she also wears a hat, which she can be seen wearing for the remainder of the game. In-game, the hat appears to be pink and rounded, although it has taken on various different appearances in merchandise-related artwork. Both of her bunches do additionally point backwards when wearing the hat. Ana has blue eyes, and wears a pink dress-like garment with a round, white collar, being visible near her throat. She also wears a pair of red ballet flats and a pair of white socks. Red blushes can also be seen on her cheeks.

She shares some similarities with Paula, one of the main characters in EarthBound, whom likely is based on her; which cosmetically mainly are their clothing and eye- and hair colors. They do otherwise share the same trait of having relatively low Offense- and Defense stats, which is compensated by their ability to utilize a variety of PSI moves. Additionally, both their main weapons are frying pans.

Personality and other characteristics

Ana is described as a kind-hearted and sympathetic individual, to the extent where she even is considered to be the pride of Snowman by the inhabitants of the town. She was born on the 23th of December and has thus the Capricorn as her zodiac sign.[1] She enjoys playing piano and organ, usually practicing pieces by Mozart, which she thinks of as relaxing. Ana is implied to be religious, due to her liking for the Bible, being one of her most treasured possessions, and that her father is the pastor of the town. She is often referred to as "Little Mother" by the younger children of the town, due to her high grades in school. Her kind personality is explained to be due to the positive approach from her parents and the residents of the town, which she was given an advantage to, due to the role her father had in the society. Her benevolence is for example shown during one occasion when there was a frog dissection at her school; Ana's concern for the frogs did as a result lead to her subconsciously freeing them, implied to be through the use of PSI.[3] She and Ninten are the only human characters in the game who are able to use PSI, though Ana possesses a larger quantity of moves and is also the only one that is able to utilize offensive PSI attacks; although her Offense- and Defense stats are worse than any of the other party members. Her main weapons, which only are usable by her, are frying pans. One negative property that is mentioned concerning Ana is her lack of courage.[4]

Among Ana's favorite objects are her piano, her Bible, her stamp collection, her envelope collection, and her record entitled "Tadaima" by Akiko Yano.[5] She is skilled at playing the piano and considers the melody of one to be another way of writing. During one occasion, where her teacher had given the class homework, Ana asked the teacher if she was allowed to do the assignment on piano, leaving the teacher confused. She got the Bible as a baby, and even though she could not understand the words written within, she could feel the purity it contained. The book became of even more value to her when she learned that the text "For our newborn Ana" was written on the last page of it. Her ribbon is something she usually has tied up in her hair, though she occasionally wears a hat during special excursions. Her stamp collection consists of used stamps given away to her by her classmates in sunday school, which she keeps in a round candy can and that helps her in her volunteering. Her envelope collection is however something she has for herself; she loves to send letters, and due to her finickity concerning the choice of envelope, the time spent on writing the letter itself is almost shorter than the time spent on picking envelope. Her "Tadaima" record by Akiko Yano was given to her as a gift from her penpal, Yoshie, who lives in Japan. She usually listens to it after getting home from school, even though she does not understand Japanese.[3][5]

Ana was born on the day before Christmas Eve, being on the 23th of December, during a snowy night at the church of Snowman (being a chateau in the English release). Ana's father, being the pastor of the town, had earlier informed the residents of the town that he would ring the church bell once if the baby that was expected to be born was a boy and twice if it was a girl. The bell rang twice, and gossips concerning the birth occurred among the townspeople the next morning. Ana quickly became popular amongst the denizens due to her honest and kind nature, and it did not take long until she was regarded as the pride of the town. She got the nickname "Little Mother" by the young children of the town when she managed to reach the higher grades in school. She would occasionally teach songs to the children that only were a little younger than her, and read from "The Prince of Stars", being a favorite book of hers, for them when gathering for sunday school at church.[3]

In EarthBound Beginnings


  Spoiler warning: this article or section may contain major plot or ending details! Proceed with caution.

During the events of EarthBound Beginnings, her mother has gone missing, so she resides with her father in the Snowman Chateau. When spoken to by Ninten for the first time, she recognizes him from a dream she recently had. When Ninten returns her hat to her, she asks him a question concerning his name and thereafter mentions that her mother is missing and that she needs his help finding her, suggesting that they should go to Youngtown as their first destination. She vows to her father that she will eventually return with her mother, and then joins Ninten's and Lloyd's party, equipped with her newly retrieved hat.

Instead of going to Youngtown, the party travels to Spookane, a town which has been infested by various harmful creatures. They obtain a key from a female resident, which gains access to her house, being infamous for the ghost-like beings that inhabit it. Inside of the house, the party discovers a piano that plays a tune by itself, being the fourth melody that Ninten comes across in his search after eight specific melodies.

The party heads off to Union Station by train, where they continue on to Yucca Desert on foot. In the desert, the party happens upon a cactus that possesses some facial traits; when using Telepathy on the cactus, it will sing the fifth melody, which the party memorizes. After purchasing ten ticket stubs from a man in the desert, the party is rewarded with his tank. While navigating the tank, the trio encounters a giant robot at the entrance of a ruin. Protected inside the tank, they manage to defeat the robot, although the tank is destroyed in the process. After walking through the labyrinth-like ruins, the party reaches a cave inhabited by a strange, pink object that teleports them to Magicant.

They head off to the Magicant Underground in the eastern portion of the land, where they meet a dragon, whom they are engaged in a battle with. After defeat, the dragon croons a tune, being the sixth melody that is memorized by the party. The trio exits the underground and is teleported to a cave nearby Youngtown. In Youngtown, nearly all the grown-ups have disappeared, leaving all the children in fear and panic. After Ana and Ninten learn Teleport by a toddler in the town, the party continues to the swamp to the east.

After traveling across the swamp, they reach Ellay, a city notorious for the criminal Bla-Bla Gang, whose members roam around the city while displaying hostile behavior. The party goes into the Live House after purchasing a ticket, where they get to perform onstage. Once the performance is over, they are confronted by the leader of the Bla-Bla Gang, Teddy, who accuses them of beating up on his gang members, followed by a battle between him and Ninten. Teddy quickly ends the battle however, and instead asks them to help him avenge the death of his parents. He takes Lloyd's place, thinking of him as weak, and then the party heads off to Mt. Itoi, being the location where his parents died.

After having progressed up the mountain for a while, the party finds a house, inhabited by a healer, who heals the entire party without any cost. Teddy temporarily leaves Ana and Ninten to themselves, as he has a few phone calls to make. In a separate room of the house, Ana confesses her romantic feelings for Ninten, and the two of them dance with each other. They are however interrupted by Teddy, who says that it is time for them to leave. They are subsequently attacked by another giant robot, who easily defeats them all. Everyone is saved by Lloyd who shows up in a tank, and transports them all to a house at the base of Mt. Itoi, where they are treated by a doctor. Teddy did unfortunately suffer more grave injuries from the attack and cannot continue to travel with Ana and Ninten, and is instead replaced by Lloyd.

The party travels up the mountain once again, and does this time find a lake, with an accessible boat nearby. They embark the boat, and are before not too long sucked into a hidden building at the bottom of the lake. It is the residence to a robot named Eve, who, when spoken to, says that its purpose is to protect the three of them. The building then collapses, and all of them end up on the shore of the lake. The party goes further up the mountain, until they suddenly get attacked by a third gigantic robot. The robot manages to defeat Eve, but does also get destroyed due to the explosion caused by Eve's death.

Near the highest accessible point of the mountain, the party comes across a tombstone. When they approach it, a crystal appears in front of them, and does after a short speech reveal the eighth melody, followed by it making a disappearance. With all of the eight melodies retrieved, the party heads off to Magicant. They show the melodies they have learned to Queen Mary, being the person who requested Ninten to gather all the melodies. After hearing the song, she remembers it and starts to sing it herself. Queen Mary also retrieves her memory thanks to the song, and Magicant is then revealed to be an illusion caused by the consciousness of Ninten's great-grandmother. The entirety of Magicant disappears, all that is left being a barren wasteland, and the party is automatically teleported back to the tombstone they found earlier.

They enter a nearby cave, and find that a portion of the cave is filled with humans trapped in capsule-shaped objects. One person who is trapped recognizes Ana and says that her mother is trapped in a room further back. The party walks into a deeper segment of the cave, and enters a portion of it where an ascending ship appears in front of them. Giegue, the creature who has caused the various ominous occurrences throughout the party's journey, is revealed to be inside of it, and engages a battle with the party. The trio manages to defeat Giegue thanks to the song they have recently learned, and Giegue disappears toward the sky.

After having successfully gotten rid of Giegue, Ana is reunited with her mother, as the party saves all the people that were trapped inside of the capsules. Ana can later be seen taking farewell of Ninten and Lloyd, before entering her chateau. In another segment, she reads a letter that she has received from Ninten, where she hopes that they will meet each other again soon.

Game data


Stat Growth rate Comparison
Offense 0
Defense 2
Fight 0
Speed 2
Wisdom 6
Strength 2
Force 7
Total 19

Formula for stat increase during a levelup: stat gain = (constant + (random number 0-3))/2, rounded down [1])

Base value and growth rate

The table below lists the stats at the base level (1) along with how much they will grow with each level gained.

25% 25% 25% 25%
HP 26 Based on Strength
PP 12 Based on Force
OFFENSE 1 Same as Fight
DEFENSE 3 Same as Speed
FIGHT 1 +0 +1
SPEED 3 +1 +2
WISDOM 7 +3 +4
STRENGTH 3 +1 +2
FORCE 8 +3 +4 +4 +5

PSI level up list

Level Move name
LifeUp β
PK Freeze α
PK Thunder α
PSIShield α
PK Beam α
Healing α
PK Freeze β
PK Thunder β
PSIShield β
PK Beam β
LifeUp γ
Healing β
Healing γ
Healing π
PK Fire α
PK Freeze γ
LifeUp π
PK Beam γ
PK Fire β
PK Thunder γ
PK Freeze Ω
PK Fire γ
PK Beam Ω
LifeUp Ω
PK Fire Ω
Event moves
Level Move name

Ana learns Teleport from a baby in Youngtown after communicating with it via Telepathy.

In the Super Smash Bros. series

Ana appears as a Sticker in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, which increases a character's power for full-body attacks and spinning attacks by seven when attatched to the bottom of any character's trophy in The Subspace Emissary. She has a Spirit in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, it allows players to start battles with a Franklin Badge.


Game appearances

Ana's regular appearance.
Ana's unconscious appearance.
Ana as she appears without her hat.
Ana reading a letter by Ninten.
Ana after a failed Teleport attempt.


Ana's official papier-mâché model.
Ana's bio in MOTHER: Invasion from the Unknown.
Ninten and Ana from the MOTHER Complete Guidebook.

Ana's favorite things

Artwork of Ana's Bible.
Artwork of Ana's ribbons.
Artwork of Ana's stamp collection.
Artwork of Ana's envelope collection.
Artwork of Ana's copy of "Tadaima".


  • Ana's highest stat not counting HP or PP is actually Force, normally going up by 4 or 5 with level-ups.
  • It is normally not possible for Ana to leave the party once she has joined, but can be done under very specific circumstances: When at the healer's house on Mt. Itoi and Teddy leaves Ninten and Ana by themselves, Ninten is briefly the only character in the party until he speaks to Ana. If the player uses the Onyx Hook during this window, Ninten will return to Magicant as usual and be free to roam around by himself. Returning to back room of the healer's house still allows the player to talk to Ana and continue the scene as normal, although it is not required to do this and the player can continue the game with a party of only Ninten (unless Eve's melody has not already been acquired, in which case the scene must progress in order to re-obtain Lloyd so he can fix the boat).
    • Additionally, it is not required to talk to Teddy at the healer's house after Lloyd uses the tank, as the player can instead choose to just leave with a party of only Ninten and Ana. If Lloyd has already repaired the boat and Eve's melody was obtained at this point, the game can then be completed with only the two of them.

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