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Ticket Stub

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Ticket Stub
チケットのはんけん Ticket Stub
Artwork of the Ticket Stub from Encyclopedia Mother
Type Key item
Appears in EarthBound Beginnings

Ticket Stubs are key items found in EarthBound Beginnings. They are recieved every time a plane ride is taken in Yucca Desert.


Each party member is given a Ticket Stub whenever a flight plan is chosen from the war veteran in Yucca Desert. Collecting ten of them will allow Ninten and his friends to ride the veteran's tank, which is needed to defeat R7037, who resides near the entrance of the desert ruins.


EarthBound Beginnings
Buying Selling
Not for sale

In-game description

Printed on it, "Save ten of these for a complimentary tank ride".

Where to obtain

EarthBound Beginnings
Limited quantity Infinite quantity
Yucca Desert, one is automatically recieved for each party member upon a flight plan being chosen


EarthBound Beginnings
Ticket stub.jpg
Artwork of the Ticket Stub from Mother's strategy guide

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