Item Guy

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Item Guy
あずかりやのおじさん Safekeeping Guy
Item Guy
Item Guy in Mother 3.
Gender Male
Appears in Mother 3
First chapter Chapter 4
Residence Nowhere Islands

The Item Guy is a character in Mother 3, first appearing in Chapter 4. He is a wandering man that lets Lucas and his party store items for free.

In Mother 3

The Item Guy's function is similar to Minnie in Mother, and the Escargo Express in EarthBound. The Memo reveals that he was originally planned to live in a tent, and the player could rest in it to restore HP and PP. It was also planned to have a Healer in it.[1]

Memo description

"This is the guy who can take care of excess items for you, y'know? You know, the guy who lives in the tent you can take a rest in. (planned)"



  1. "The man who lives in the Item Guy's tent with him. When your body feels strange, one miracle from him will leave you feeling refreshed." - Memo description for Healer

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