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"Hat" links here. For the key item in EarthBound Beginnings, see Hat.

Hats are equippable defensive items in EarthBound and Mother 3.

In EarthBound

List of hats in EarthBound
Name Japanese Defense Price Additional effects Where to obtain

Baseball cap やきゅうぼう
Baseball cap
+5 $19

Mr. Baseball cap ミスターのぼうし
Mister hat*
+6 Onett (from a boy in the Clubhouse)

Holmes hat ホームズキャップ
Holmes cap
+10 $59 Happy Happy Village
Snow Wood Boarding House (locker)

Hard hat ぼうしへルメット
Helmet hat
+15 $298 Peaceful Rest Valley (present)


Artwork of a Helmet Hat from EarthBound.
Artwork of a Baseball cap from EarthBound.

In Mother 3

Hats are primarily used by Lucas, Boney, and Salsa.

List of hats in Mother 3
Name Japanese Defense Price Additional effects Where to obtain

OrdinaryHat.png Ordinary Hat ふつうのぼうし
Ordinary Hat
+3 N/A Also usable by Flint Equipped on Flint at start
An ordinary hat. Defense +3.

KidsHat.png Kid's Hat ふつうのぼうし
Kid's Hat
+3 50 DP Thomas's Bazaar (Chapters 4-7)
A child's hat. Defense +3.

DCMCHat.png DCMC Hat DCMCぼうし
+7 200 DP Speed +2
Also usable by Duster
Unusable by Salsa
Usable on DCMC fans to make them jealous
Club Titiboo
Defense +7. Speed +2.

CowHat.png Cow Hat うしのぼうし
Cow Hat
+10 500 DP Thunder Tower (present)
A hat that looks like a cow. Defense +10.

BearHat.png Bear Hat クマのぼうし
Bear Hat
+15 720 DP Snowcap Mountain
A hat that looks like a bear. Defense +15.

AlligatorHat.png Alligator Hat ワニのぼうし
Alligator/Crocodile Hat
+20 1480 DP Prevents fleas. Tanetane Island (present).
Prevents fleas. Defense +20.

OtterHat.png Otter Hat ラッコのぼうし
Sea Otter Hat
+25 1640 DP Argilla Pass
A hat that looks like an otter. Defense +25.

RedHat.png Red Hat あかいぼうし
Red Hat
+30 2000 DP New Pork City
A red hat. Defense +30.

AwesomeCrown.png Awesome Crown すっごいかんむり
Awesome Crown
+20 N/A Lowers chance of forgetfulness by 50%. Sea Floor Dungeon (present)
Defense +20. Maximum PP +30

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