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Choucream Zoo

Choucream Zoo
動物園/ショークリームどうぶつえん (Choucream) Zoo

Choucream Zoo as it appears in Mother.

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Choucream Zoo[1] (also written as Chou Cream Zoo[2], short for Chou à la Crème, and simply referred to as City Zoo in the English prototype) is a location in Mother. Founded in 1985,[3] Choucream Zoo is located north of the town of Podunk, and is also where the third melody can be found. The Zoo is a popular destination spot, and Ninten frequented it as a child, however the events of the game have caused it to be shut down.

In Mother

After Ninten saves Pippi from the cemetery. The mayor of Podunk will reward him with the Zoo Key and $100 after the rescue, before asking Ninten to investigate a matter of chaos at the zoo, hoping that he will bring it back to order again. At the entrance, a monkey will appear and steal the Key from Ninten, running off with it. The monkey uses the key to open the gate of the zoo, making it accessible. When first visited, The zoo's animals are roaming freely and display hostile qualities, due to the work of a Starman Jr. emitting a high pitch noise and driving the animals insane. Ninten is sent there to bring it back to its original state. Upon reaching the Superintendent's Office (Japanese: かんり じむしょ Superintendence Office), Ninten encounters the Starman Jr, and upon defeating it, the zoo will reopen. At this point the animals will be in their enclosures, allowing Ninten to get the third melody from a Monkey. There will no longer be random encounters.


The zoo consists of eleven boundary fences, a few flowerbeds and several symmetrically placed trees that act as blockades. Animals that can be found within the zoo includes rabbits, monkeys, pandas, penguins and flamingos. The zoo follows a snake-like pattern, which must be followed to get to the Superintendent's Office at the east end of the zoo. A singing monkey will appear within the most northeastern fence after Starman Jr. is defeated and will sing the third melody.

Once inside, The consists of three floors with two rooms each, and the room to the left on the second floor being the only one which doesn't contain a present (excluding the room containing Starman Jr.). The only enemies that are present there are rats, centipedes, flies and the boss of the area. When the capsule-like object on the topmost floor of the building has been checked, Ninten will meet the second boss of the game, Starman Jr..


  • Antidote, found in the left room on the first floor of the office.
  • Bread, found in the right room on the second floor of the office.
  • Life Up Cream, found in the right room on the third floor of the office.
  • Rope, found in the left room on the first floor of the office.


  Enemy name Notes
  Alligator None
  BionicCenti None
  Centipede Can only be found in the Superintendent's Office
  Elephant None
  Fly None
  Gorilla None
  Hyena None
  Rat Can only be found in the Superintendent's Office
  Tiger None
  Starman Jr. Boss - all other enemies disappear after battle