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クマヒゲ Bearbeard
Neckbeard as seen in Mother 3.
Gender Male
Appears in Mother 3
First chapter Chapter 4
Occupation Bodyguard

Neckbeard is a character in Mother 3, first seen in Chapter 4.

In Mother 3

Chapter 4

In Chapter 4, Neckbeard works as a bodyguard at Club Titiboo alongside Skinhead. When Lucas and Boney try to enter the front door, they refuse to give him the permission to go in, as there are no kids or dogs allowed inside Club Titiboo. Lucas then dresses Boney up as a human because of this. However, they still do not fall for his charade. Violet, one of the waitresses at Club Titiboo, insists that she knows them, and they allow Lucas and Boney to enter.

On their way out of Club Titiboo, Kumatora knocks both Neckbeard and Skinhead out.

Chapter 5

In Chapter 5, Neckbeard can be seen alongside Skinhead in the Dur-T Café, offering to take up a job as bouncers.

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