Polestar Preschool

Polestar Preschool
ポーラスター幼稚園 Polestar Preschool

Polestar Preschool
The Polestar Preschool as seen in EarthBound.

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The Polestar Preschool is a location in EarthBound. It is a preschool in Twoson owned and operated by Paula's mother and father, which also doubles as their home. It is a large building, just south of Venus's mother's house, with both a sleeping cat and the name "POLESTAR" on its roof.

Prior to rescuing Paula the music is a remix of Youngtown's music, which is used during several events involving Paula in the game. After rescuing her the music is replaced with a slowed-down remix of Pollyanna which is shared with Ness's house.


The school itself seems to be run directly out of the family's home. The first room is the classroom which is furnished with school desks. In the next room is what appears to be a dining room, as well as a set of stairs leading up to two bedrooms. The first consists predominantly of two beds, and a door leading to the second bedroom which belongs to Paula. It is painted entirely pink, and contains a present with a Teddy bear.

In EarthBound

Paula is kidnapped during Ness's first visit to the school, with the students and her parents, especially her father, in distress. After Paula is rescued, her father thanks Ness for rescuing her and allows them to stay on occasion. Paula then states that she is going on an adventure with Ness and reassuring him that she will be fine.

After the events of the game, Paula receives a a letter from the kids at the school in a present. It is notable that the letter seems to be written by at least five children, although only four children are ever seen in attendance at the school.

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