List of equippable items in Mother 3

This is a list of equippable items in Mother 3. There are a total of four different slots on the equipment subscreen, where items with different properties are displayed when equipped by a character. The different types of items that are displayed in the slots are weapon, body, head and other.


Every weapon increases the user's Offense when equipped. Nearly all controllable characters have a type of weapon that they are able to utilize, being sticks for Flint and Lucas, gloves for Kumatora, shoes for Duster and collars for Boney. There are also additional weapon types beyond these. Yo-yos and the Spiky Weapon are available for use by Lucas, Kumatora or Duster. Baseball bats and a frying pan are available late in the game to Lucas and Kumatora as a throwback to the previous games of the series. Finally, since Boney's collars are equipped on the body rather than the weapon slot, he can also equip the Canine Weapon.

Notably, Salsa cannot equip any weapon.


Several types of defensive equipment can be equipped on the body: charms, clothing, pendants and Boney's collars, though those also increase his offense.


Defensive items which can be equipped to the head include hats, bandanas, and ribbons.


Other defensive items which can be equipped to this slot include bracelets and rings.

Memo description

"Weapons and armor only serve their purpose if worn properly. Be sure to check here to see if a new item needs to be equipped."

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