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Rosemary's house

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Rosemary's house
ローズマリーさんのやしき Rosemary's Mansion

Rosemary's house

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The Rosemary's house is a location in EarthBound Beginnings, being north of the town of Spookane. To go inside, Ninten must receive the Ghost House Key from a woman in the suburban side of Spookane. Inside is a giant maze filled with ghosts and zombies. Ninten and the party must navigate the mansion with hopes of not reaching a dead-end. At the basement, is a lone piano. Mysteriously, the piano plays by itself, the fourth melody.



Sprite Enemy name Notes
AlarmGhost.gif Alarm Ghost Can call for help
Armor.gif Armor None
BionicBat.gif Bionic Bat None
DustBall.gif Dust Ball Explodes upon defeat
Ghost.gif Ghost None
NastyZombie.gif Nasty Zombie None
Shroudley.gif Shroudley None
Zombie.gif Zombie None
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