Peculiar Cheese

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Peculiar Cheese
クセのあるチーズ Peculiar Cheese
In-game sprite of the Peculiar Cheese from Mother 3
Type Recovery item
Appears in Mother 3

The Peculiar Cheese is an HP restoring recovery item found in Mother 3. It is an unusual item in which the amount of HP it restores depends on the party member who eats it.


When eaten by a party member, it restores a varying amount of HP based off of whether or not the character likes or dislikes cheese. If the party member likes cheese they recover 60 HP, and if they dislike it they will recover only 20 HP. Each party member has a different preference:

  • Flint and Duster like cheese.
  • Kumatora, Boney and Salsa dislike cheese.
  • Lucas's preference on cheese works differently than other party members, as it is based upon the name he is given at the beginning of the game:
    • If his name has an odd number of letters (such as the default name "Lucas") he will like cheese.
    • If his name has an even number of letters he will dislike cheese.[1]


Mother 3
Buying Selling
20 DP 10 DP

In-game description

Cheese that you either love or hate. HP restored varies from person to person.

Where to obtain

Mother 3
Limited quantity Infinite quantity
East Tazmily Village, Sunshine Forest (Chapter 4+), Sunset Cemetery, Murki Cave, and Club Titiboo attic (presents), Argilla Pass (Jar of Yummy Pickles search, can be "something tasty looking" Caroline's Bakery (Chapter 4+), Flying Mouse (20% drop), Greedy Mouse (20% drop), Artsy Ghost (15% drop), Ghost Sword (10% drop), Osohe Cape (10% drop) and the Greedier Mouse (50% drop)


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