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Your Sanctuary

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"Sanctuary" redirects here. For the location in Mother 3, see Forest Prayer Sanctuary.

The eight Your Sanctuaries (おまえのばしょ, Omae no Basho) in EarthBound play a vital role in Ness's journey to defeat Giygas. Each of the sanctuaries echoes with a piece of a special melody that, when completed, will help Ness harness the power of the Earth itself. However, each sanctuary is also guarded by a boss, requiring Ness and his friends to defeat these monsters first. Once each sanctuary guardian is defeated, Ness is able to record one more piece of the melody on his Sound Stone.

Only Ness is able to enter the sanctuaries; while Jeff passes by one of the sanctuaries on his way to Threed, he cannot engage the sanctuary guardian. If Ness is unconscious, then the rest of the group will not be able to engage the Guardian. After each sanctuary has been visited, Ness and his friends can come back at any time for a complete restoration.

Similar quests appear in the other games of the Mother series, specifically the Eight Melodies from Mother and the Seven Needles from Mother 3.

The battle music for six of the eight sanctuary bosses, "Sanctuary Guardian", is a variation on the "Battle with a Dangerous Foe" track from Mother.

List of Your Sanctuaries

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