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WikiBound is a wiki about the EarthBound trilogy for anyone to contribute to. Since its launch in 2010, WikiBound's goal is to be the complete repository for all content relating to EarthBound, where all the info is here except for the info that isn't here. You are welcome to browse if you like, or you can create an account to become a contributor to WikiBound!

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Ninten (Japanese: ニンテン Ninten) is the protagonist of EarthBound Beginnings/Mother, the first game in the EarthBound series. After his home was attacked by a poltergeist, he embarked on a mission to discover the potential of his powers and find out about the strange happenings that have been occurring on the earth. Along the way, he meets three more friends who join him as he travels across America on his quest to collect the Eight Melodies, and to put a stop to the intergalactic alien invasion.

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