List of miscellaneous items in Mother 3

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This is a list of miscellaneous items in Mother 3.

List of miscellaneous items in Mother 3.
Name Japanese Effect Price Other information Where to obtain

Chick.png Chick ヒヨコ
Can be sold for 50 DP. N/A Will grow into a chicken. Hatches from a Fresh Egg.
Tiny, yellow, fluffy, and chirpy.

Chicken.png Chicken にわとり
Can be sold for 200 DP. N/A Grows from a chick.
A handsome red-crested bird with stylish, erect tailfeathers.

Sprite of Dolphin Ossicle used in inventory
Sprite of Dolphin Ossicle used on the overworld
Dolphin Ossicle イルカのじこつ
Dolphin Ossicle
Can be sold for 5 DP. N/A Cerulean Beach
Osohe Castle (from Friendly Ghost)
A fossilized ossicle of a dolphin. An ossicle is an ear bone.

Sprite of Dung used in the inventory
Sprite of Dung used on the overworld
Dung フン
Can be given to Wan Sum Dung in exchange for EXP.
When used as an item, it makes a character's hands sticky. (no effect)
N/A Death Desert
Dung beetles can't help themselves from rolling this around.

HermitCrabShell.png Hermit Crab Shell ヤドカリのヤド
Hermit Crab Inn
Can be sold at a shop for 300 DP, or given it back to the Hermit Crab for 1000 DP. N/A Sea Floor Dungeon
The home of a hermit crab. Its shell, in other words.

Meteotite.png Meteotite メテオタイト
Can be sold for 2500 DP. N/A
A little gift from outer space. Worth a whole lot of money.

RottenEclair.png Rotten Eclair くさったエクレア
Rotten Eclair
Used to buy items from a ghost in Osohe Castle. N/A The items that can be bought are Beef Jerky* Rope Snake* or Fresh Mint* Dropped by Stinky Ghosts
A favorite among ghosts. Not recommended for the living.
Name Japanese Effect Price Explanation Where to find

Doorknob.png Doorknob ドアノブ
When used in battle, it deals 1 damage to a single enemy. N/A
While it is seen frequently throughout the game, it cannot be obtained as an item until after the ending.
A doorknob from a front door.

MemorySnake.png Memory Snake '
None. N/A Unknown. Unused
A snake that's generally quite good at determining the lengths of things.

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