Dolphin Ossicle

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Dolphin Ossicle
イルカのじこつ Dolphin Ossicle
In-game sprite of the Dolphin Ossicle from Mother 3
Type Miscellaneous item
Appears in Mother 3

The Dolphin Ossicle is an item found in Mother 3. An ossicle is a dolphin's earbone.


The Dolphin Ossicle has no function other than to be sold for 5 DP.


Mother 3
Buying Selling
Not for sale 5 DP

In-game description

A fossilized ossicle of a dolphin. An ossicle is an ear bone.

Where to obtain

Mother 3
Limited quantity Infinite quantity
Shattered around Cerulean Beach

Overworld sprite

Mother 3
The Dolphin Ossicle's overworld sprite

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