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List of Mother 3 Battle Memory Enemy Descriptions

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Below is a list of all of the enemy descriptions featured in Mother 3's Battle Memory, listed in the same order they are in the Battle Memory.


Sprite Enemy name Enemy Description
Mole Cricket.png Mole Cricket Friend or foe? Even when flat broke and stepped on, this imitable bug is always optimistic.
MrBatty.png Mr. Batty A bat native to the Sunshine Forest. It loves ambiguity and tends to be wishy-washy.
Yammonster.png Yammonster Desperate to be embraced as sweet and delicious. Prefers to veg out underground as much as possible.
Firefly.PNG Firefly This monster is a small bug fused with a cheap lighter. It's doomed to a one-time use.
M3 Flying Mouse Sprite.png Flying Mouse The buzzing wings on its back were probably transplanted from a giant insect.
MightyBiteySnake.PNG Mighty Bitey Snake Compared to snakes that always bite, it doesn't bite as much. But it does bite, so be careful anyway.
Bakedyammonster.png Baked Yammonster Sweet, piping-hot, and yummier than a roasted chestnut, but still a monster. Would probably go well with butter.
MischievousMole.png Mischievous Mole A mischievous prankster. In some regions, the males are referred to as Naughty Moles.
ReconstructedCaribou.png Reconstructed Caribou Someone has modified this gentle reindeer to make it aggressive.
PrayingMantis.png Praying Mantis Its aggressive pose is so intimidating, it makes you grateful that it isn't enormous in size.
GreedyMouse.png Greedy Mouse This mouse squirrels away anything and everything, even burying its worries and responsibilities.
Beanling.png Beanling The Beanling is a very mysterious creature. It's also quick to run away. If you can catch one, it'll be a great day.
SootDumpling.png Soot Dumpling This little guy wants to be a sweet dumpling, but he's made of soot instead. He'd make a terrible snack.
WalkingBushie.png Walking Bushie Kindly heals people who are hurt, whether they like it or not. But its name is a little iffy.
SpudBug.png Spud Bug These gather in groups to protect themselves from enemies. They'll proudly attack anything that appears to be weaker.
AgitatedBoar.png Agitated Boar The look on his face growls, "Calm boars don't deserve to be called boars!"
CragLizard.png Crag Lizard When it doesn't move, it looks just like a rock. When it does move, it still looks like a rock.
Titany.png Titany A very orthodox Titany, famous for its personality but not for its voice.
BaldingEagle.png Balding Eagle Prefers to eat meat raw. It's recently taken a liking to dried meat, too. Also loves to eat vegetables.
Tree.png Tree It got sick of being a plant, so it gave walking a try. There's no going back now!
Mecha-Drago.png Mecha-Drago This vicious, mechanized monstrosity was once a friendly animal known as a Drago.
ZombieMan.png Zombie Man Not even death can stop him from wandering the graveyard. He attacks people as he seeks new life.
ZombieLady.png Zombie Lady See Zombie Man's page for her description, because they're exactly alike, pronouns aside. Not just because the writer is lazy.
ZombieDog.png Zombie Dog It chews on its own bones in lieu of a snack. Its most charming point is its drooping eyeball.
MobileGrave.png Mobile Grave Wouldn't it be easier to visit a grave if the grave came to you? No, wait, it would just be creepy.
DetachedLeech.png Detached Leech Once it sticks, it won't come off easily. Even if you do manage to pull it off, the residue is gross.
SpinelessLobster.png Spineless Lobster An overgrown crawfish. Those big pincers are so handy, they could shear a sheep near-bald.
StinkyGhost.png Stinky Ghost Some ghosts in Osohe Castle are understanding and kindhearted, but these ones are plain ol' mean.
Arachnid!.png Arachnid! There's nothing special about this spider at all. It isn't poisonous, and it doesn't have any medicinal benefits whatsoever.
BigBro.png Big Bro He and Li'l Big Bro can't decide on their names. If it's any help, this little guy is the older bro.
BarrelMan.png Barrel Man Spends all day sniffing a faint odor lingering inside the barrel. Not a bad guy at heart.
GhostArmor.png Ghost Armor Protects its flesh and bones with steel armor. Never mind that it doesn't have any flesh or bones.
ArtsyGhost.png Artsy Ghost Art is dead! Or so it declares, but there doesn't seem to be any evidence of this.
ViolentRoach.png Violent Roach If butterflies had no wings, they'd be butterwalkers. Without handsome horns, this guy is a... thing.
StrawberrySlime.png Strawberry Slime Caution. This is not strawberry jam. Please do not spread it on bread.
CarpetMonster.png Carpet Monster Even household carpets aren't safe from this guy's smaller cousins. Osohe just houses the big ones.
GhostSword.png Ghost Sword Appears to have a history of killing. Too heavy to be handled by a normal person.
GhostShield.png Ghost Shield Appears to be covered in scars of glory. Too heavy to be lifted by a normal person.
GhostKnight.png Ghost Knight Once the empty-handed armor gets a hold of its sword and shield... terrible things will happen.
RockinGhost.png Rockin' Ghost Hasn't noticed that its master is long gone, and continues to bear his weight on its back.
Pseudoor.png Pseudoor No matter how long it takes, this door anxiously waits for someone to open it. It's been waiting for years now.
MrPassion.png Mr. Passion The ghost of a musician who died before finishing his symphony. Beware of his captivating melodies.
Clayman.png Clayman A lump of clay brought to life. It works as hard as it looks sad.
Pigmask.png Pigmask Blundering, chubby soldiers who began showing up in Tazmily one day.
ReconMech.png Recon Mech This Pigmask surveillance robot doesn't utilize infrared detectors. It responds to smell instead.
LingeringSpirit.png Lingering Spirit Endlessly lingers around graveyards all alone, its flames burning with regret.
OsoheCape.png Osohe Cape This cape flaps gallantly in the breeze. It's nihilistic, obnoxious, and totally cool.
Oh-So-Snake.png Oh-So-Snake An enormous snake that rules the Osohe Castle basement. Disturb its sleep and it will tidal wave you goodbye.
DungBeetle.png Dung Beetle Its favorite dung is that of the Cactus Wolf, but usually it just makes do with Sand Lizard dung.
SandLizard.png Sand Lizard Dung Beetles clean up their messes. In return, they eat the Dung Beetles. Not exactly a fair trade.
Sara-Sara-Sahara.png Sara-Sara-Sahara Flies all around the desert with its chin chattering. Makes its opponents feel foolish.
GreatAntlion.png Great Antlion Digs a hole and waits for ants to fall inside. Doesn't mind if humans happen to fall in instead.
CactusWolf.png Cactus Wolf The Cactus Wolf has a Wolf Cactus attached firmly to its forehead. The two get along quite well.
HUGEPillbug.png HUGE Pillbug So big, it needs capital letters. When it rolls into a ball, its shape just begs for it to be dribbled.
Gooeygoo.png Gooey Goo If you rub your eyes after touching this guy, your legs will turn to goo. Be sure to wash your hands.
CheerySkeleton.png Cheery Skeleton Gets cranky once it's grown tired of acting upbeat, even cursing at the rattling of its own dry bones.
LilBigBro.png Li'l Big Bro Adjective-wise, he's caught between his size and his age. It's all very confusing.
PorkTank.png Pork Tank This Pigmask weapon raises an awful racket and belches black exhaust fumes without remorse.
RamblinMushroom.png Ramblin' Mushroom Often seen wandering around picnic sites. The most normal member of "fungus mobilus".
Slitherhen.png Slitherhen This creature is greatly troubled whenever it sees an egg. Should it warm it or swallow it? It can't make up its mind.
ReallyFlyingMouse.png Really Flying Mouse A powered-up Flying Mouse. The jet engine on its back and propeller on its neck give it a top speed of 40 mph.
GratedYammonster.png Grated Yammonster A rustic combination of a baked yam and a toy helicopter. It grates its body and sends gunk flying.
BlackBeanling.png Black Beanling A Beanling coated in sparkling syrup. You'll only come across this monster if you've got good luck.
BigSpudBug.png Big Spud Bug Three years later, the Spud Bug is now a respectable adult. But what does that even mean for a bug?
SquawkingStick.png Squawking Stick An unthinkable blend of a bird and a stick. It chirps and beckons for other animals.
Muttshroom.png Muttshroom A Chimera with a Ramblin' Mushroom on its head. In rare cases, its own spores will make it feel strange.
ReconstructedMole.png Reconstructed Mole He's had trouble eating worms ever since both of his hands were converted into power drills.
Cattlesnake.png Cattlesnake Even the creators of this creature are too afraid to approach it. Stay out of its way, for your own good.
Pigtunia.png Pigtunia This piggy plant snorts and blooms from spring to fall. It disperses pollen that causes watery eyes.
Batangutan.png Batangutan A strange creature whose wings are too weak for its heavy head. Watch out for its fleas.
Dogfish.png Dogfish Startling when it suddenly jumps out from the lake. Its talents include underwater sit and underwater shake.
TopDogfish.png Top Dogfish This unbalanced Chimera is half legendary giant fish, the "Master of the Sea", and half plain ol' dog.
Ostrelephant.png Ostrelephant Is the long part its trunk or its neck? How does it bathe itself? An utterly mysterious Chimera.
SlimySlug.png Slimy Slug Has a viscous personality. It uses hypnosis, but it's much like a normal slug in that it hates saltwater.
GreedierMouse.png Greedier Mouse He's astoundingly greedy and claims he's merely lending everything in the world to everyone.
Arachnid!!!!.png Arachnid!!!! Has an incredible three, no, four exclamation marks in its name. That's just the kind of spider it is.
ElderBatty.png Elder Batty Some may think he's more important than Mr. Batty, but he's actually at Mr. Batty's beck and call.
GentlyWeepingGuitar.png Gently Weeping Guitar A forgotten guitar left wailing in the attic. Plays touching solos with its last three strings.
BeatenDrum.png Beaten Drum Even after being torn, it defiantly orders not to give up, but to bang on the rim instead! It isn't easily beaten.
JealousBass.png Jealous Bass A wooden bass whose time in the limelight is up. Holds a grudge against the new bass on the block.
ParentalKangashark.png Parental Kangashark The parent's power comes from its child's support. Although an enemy, it's still quite admirable.
ReconstructedLion.png Reconstructed Lion As a lion, its bite and roar are expected. The coiling and the fire-breathing thing, not so much.
Mecha-Turtle.png Mecha-Turtle Even this provincial tortoise was built into a fighting machine, but it's still as slow in the head as ever.
Wound-UpRoadHog.png Wound-Up Road Hog A boar rigged up with a spring. And not the water kind, either.
FiercePorkTrooper1.png Fierce Pork Trooper So fierce-looking he's afraid of his own reflection. Takes good care of his men and is a huge DCMC fan.
ScrappedRobot.png Scrapped Robot A Wobbly Robot that has broken down, with no plans for renovation. It's not worth worrying about.
RoadBlock.png Road Block This monster is a hybrid of a traffic barrier and a bloke-ade. What IS a bloke-ade, anyway?
Bright Smile.png Bright Smile No, this isn't a toothpaste mascot. This guy probably doesn't even know what he is, either.
WobblyRobot.png Wobbly Robot This was thrown together for no real reason. There's no use for it, so it was set free on the highway.
AtomicPowerRobot.png Atomic Power Robot A robot that replenishes other robots' energy by utilizing the power of the atom.
Rhinocerocket.png Rhinocerocket Its rocket-based ramming attacks are intense. Doesn't seem to be that interested in outer space.
Forlorn Junk Heap.png Forlorn Junk Heap A Clayman that has grown lonely. All sorts of garbage and junk have been absorbed into its body.
Whatever.png Whatever A Chimera that was thrown together with whatever was handy. Some say it turned out better that way.
MinorRobot.png Minor Robot It's minor because, first of all, it's terrible at math, and second, it needs 64 C batteries.
BatteryMan.png Battery Man Little Alkaline, Mr. Manganese, Li'l Lithium, Sir Nickle. They all look alike, but there are many different kinds.
FiercePorkTrooper2.png Fierce Pork Trooper After tasting defeat, this soldier underwent intense training to power himself up.
Screwloose.png Screwloose A screw that holds Thunder Tower together. Even if 5 or 6 of them come loose, it's no big deal.
SurpriseBox.png Surprise Box More than anything, it lives to terrify people. It sometimes startles itself and bursts into laughter.
LilMissMarshmallow.png Li'l Miss Marshmallow A robot that takes care of its master. Cooks, cleans, does laundry, cleans out ears and trims nose hair.
ShortCircuitZap!.png Short Circuit Zap! Flies out of power conduits with lots of energy and... Hectic! Energetic! Electric! That's its slogan.
MrGenetor.PNG Mr. Genetor The generator robot of Thunder Tower. It uses paralyzing chop attacks as if to say, "Take that!"
Cleocatra.PNG Cleocatra It looks like a mummified cat, but it's not a cat at all. It's something entirely different altogether.
BroTeam.png Bro Team The Li'l Big Bro keeps his beloved Big Bro on his head. Great siblings, but just what ARE they?
LordPassion.png Lord Passion This spirited musician can't control his tempo. In fact, his passion is just hitting a crescendo.
SquawkingBoomstick.png Squawking Boomstick A strange sparrow-stick combination that also seems to have a bomb planted inside it.
Horsantula.png Horsantula A drop kick from any one of its eight legs is intense. Its third leg from the right is World Cup class.
Einswine.png Einswine A piggish creature with a primate-ish brain. It uses PSI, so don't take it lightly.
M3 Almost Mecha-Lion sprite.png Almost Mecha-Lion The only non-mechanical part is a portion of its face. Only eats raw meat soaked in machine oil.
Zombidillo.png Zombidillo This is getting out of hand. What's next, an anteater zombie? A platypus zombie?
PigmaskCaptain.png Pigmask Captain A Pigmask who aims for promotion to major. His monthly salary is a meager 900 DP.
NicePoser.png Nice Poser What might its ultimate pose be? It's making an effort to master posing techniques in battle.
TheSqueekz.png The Squeekz Stealing cheese, chewing power cords... This bad boy's done it all. Has a wife and seven kids.
Ten-Yeti.png Ten-Yeti He recently got into the unpredictable sport of Snowboard Cross. Get in his way and he'll get mad.
ChillyDog.png Chilly Dog A cold-blooded mammal that prides itself in its frozen-solid tail capable of hammering nails.
Frostedbun.PNG Frosted Bun This Snowcap Mountain confection is actually a monster. Tends to melt during heated battles.
SteelMechorilla.png Steel Mechorilla A construction Chimera designed to destroy the old Chimera Lab to make way for a new building.
SecurityRobot.png Security Robot Takes care of suspicious intruders, smoke in the kitchen, and reheating the bathtub.
NaughtyMushroom.png Naughty Mushroom The rarest member of "fungus mobilus". Absolutely do not d-d-dare to ever e-e-eat one.
FilthyAttackRoach.png Filthy Attack Roach The Violent Roach was awful, but this guy is bigger, quicker, greasier, and more energetic.
Frightbot.png Frightbot A robot programmed to terrorize Mr. Saturns with frightening words. Humans aren't scared, though.
PigmaskMajor.png Pigmask Major A Pigmask quite content being major. His monthly salary is a meager 1400 DP.
SkyTitany.png Sky Titany The sillhouette of this Titany's stretched wings against the starry night sky is a sight to behold.
MrsLava.png Mrs. Lava The Lady of Lava? The Missus of Magma? Someone please explain just who or what she's supposed to be.
Pyrefly.png Pyrefly Lives off magma flowing from volcanos. Its blood reaches temperatures over 1500 degrees.
Magman.png Magman Its overwhelmingly pent-up anger explodes with a bang. Pyreflies make their home in this guy's cranial crater.
ScamperinMushroom.png Scamperin' Mushroom A hurried, impetuous, restless mushroom that is also hasty, impatient, and completely frenzied.
NewFassad.png New Fassad Look out! Don't fall for New Fassad's new facade! He's bigger and badder than ever!
NavySQUEAL.png Navy SQUEAL Patrols the bottom of the sea and receives an extra 4 DP an hour because of the danger involved.
CarefreeJellyfish.png Carefree Jellyfish Eastward one day and westward the next, it goes with the tidal flow like a plastic bag in the wind.
RoooundFish.png Rooound Fish Has five eyeballs. Two are on its back. Has only one mouth... but, wait, that's normal.
RockLobster.png Rock Lobster The rough rider of the sea. This bad boy rebel dyed his pincers and his body metallic purple.
FishRoeMan.png Fish Roe Man The eggs of a walleye pollock, salted and prepared to perfection in a seasoned broth. As a man.
MasterEddy.png Master Eddy This bizarre creature is like a guardian deity of the sea. He punishes violators with powerful whirlpools.
Zombieshroom.png Zombieshroom Recently discovered on Tanetane Island. It's usually rotten, and attracts its food by dancing.
EerieSmile.png Eerie Smile What you see isn't always what you get. This eerie grin doesn't actually exist.
Monkalrus.png Monkalrus Lets out a sad howl when it meets the Batangutan with its head on it. Occasionally picks fights, too.
AncientDragonfly.png Ancient Dragonfly Its dragon-like appearance protects it from enemies. Also somewhat like a dragon in that it breathes fire.
Titanian.png Titanian Native to Tanetane Island. The strongest and greenest of all Titany species.
UnwelcomeGust.png Unwelcome Gust This bad breeze causes trouble when it flips up skirts and blows off toupees. Unwelcome, indeed.
BarrierTrio.png Barrier Trio One of the Magypsies crafted these monsters to protect something very important.
BlueBaldingEagle.png Blue Balding Eagle Sometimes it accidentally swallows the food that it went through all the trouble to get for its baby baldlings.
TenderLovingTree.png Tender Loving Tree Takes good care of Blue Balding Eagle chicks and burns with maternal wrath at anyone who approaches.
MysteryMetalMonkey.png Mystery Metal Monkey Fighting this metal monkey will result in quite the experience. Just keep that in mind.
Mecha-Mole!.png Mecha-Mole! Burrows into the ground using the drill on its nose. Has a red light on its head for the heck of it.
CuddleBomb.png Cuddle Bomb Its creepy, happy smile and overly-friendly attitude make it deeply suspicious.
Negative Man.png Negative Man Feels negatively about anything and everything. Only feels positively about feeling negatively.
StickySlug.png Sticky Slug These guys swarm down from the ceiling when they sense a person's body heat.
Heftyhead.png Heftyhead Its head is crammed with knowledge, such as insect and flower names and how much certain things cost.
PigmaskColonel.png Pigmask Colonel A Pigmask who fears demotion to major. His monthly salary is a meager 2000 DP.
Masked Man.png Masked Man What expressions lie hidden behind his mask? ...And more importantly, who is he?
MetalAttackRoach.png Metal Attack Roach A roach strengthened by its all-silver body. It actually makes it less gross and creepy.
PutridMoldyman.png Putrid Moldyman Clean the mold off of this guy and there won't be anything left. In other words, he's a pile of mold.
Miracle Fassad.png Miracle Fassad Miraculously enough, Fassad has attained an even more powerful form. He may look funny, but he means serious business.
Kingstatue.png King Statue A statue honoring Porky's greatness. In its right hand is a slingshot, and in its left is a comic book.
HippoLauncher.png Hippo Launcher A special Chimera created for Porky's birthday. Production expenses were astronomical.
MensRoomSign.png Men's Room Sign It boasts an instantly understandable design. If only it would wait to attack until AFTER people do their business...
BoaTransistor.png Boa Transistor Spins its head in a circle when sizing up an enemy. Has titanium skin unsuitable for handbags.
K9000.png K9000 Based on a comic drawn by Porky. It shoots mini-mechs from its mouth and causes a real uproar.
RhinocerocketMarkII.png Rhinocerocket Mark II This creature was combined with a leftover rocket from a failed space program.
LoveWalker.png Love Walker Its engine runs on a deep, passionate yearning to meet people and find out about them.
Mecha-Lion.png Mecha-Lion Lions are already scary enough as it is, but combine one with a mech and it becomes terrifyingly cool.
ReturnofOctobot.png Return of Octobot Modeled after the Ultimate Octobot. But where did they manage to find an Ultimate Octobot?
UpgradedRobot.png Upgraded Robot This improved Wobbly Robot no longer wobbles. Why wasn't it made this way to begin with? No one knows.
NuclearReactorRobot.png Nuclear Reactor Robot Replenishes even more energy than the Atomic Power Robot, but its explosion is all the more powerful, too.
Natural Killer Cyborg.png N.K. Cyborg Based on a dream Porky once had. N.K. stands for "Natural Killer".
PORKY01.png PORKY 01 Robots based off of Porky when he was a child. Made in a set of 11 for such purposes as forming a soccer team.
Minerali.png Minerali Don't just sit there and wonder why a rock would attack you. That would be dangerous.
Fenomeno.png Fenomeno A mysterious energy form that powerfully resonates with the vibrations of the last Needle.
PorkyBattleM3.png Porky Believe it or not, this is Porky in the flesh. He is simultaneously an old man and a young boy.
PorkyASC.png Porky Porky had a tantrum and made Dr. Andonuts and the Mr. Saturns create an Absolutely Safe Capsule.

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