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ふしぎなメガホン Mysterious Megaphone
Artwork of the Bulhorn from Encyclopedia Mother
Type Battle item
Appears in EarthBound Beginnings

The Bullhorn an infinitely reusable battle item in EarthBound Beginnings. It is obtained from a present in Queen Mary's Castle.


When used in-battle, the one using it will shout "Your mother is calling for you!" to one of the opponents, which can result in one of two stat-affecting changes; it either decreases the enemy's fight by making it believe what was said, or increases its offense by failing with convincing it, and thus making it angry.

The Hippie is the only enemy capable of using this item.


EarthBound Beginnings
Buying Selling
Not for sale

In-game description

Your amplified voice may intimidate an enemy.

Where to obtain

EarthBound Beginnings
Limited quantity Infinite quantity
Queen Mary's Castle


EarthBound Beginnings
Artwork of the Bullhorn from Mother's strategy guide

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