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パン Bread
Artwork of the Bread from Encyclopedia Mother
Type Recovery item
Appears in EarthBound Beginnings

Bread is an item found in EarthBound Beginnings. It is a recovery item that restores a party member's HP, however it can also be used as Crumbs.


As a recovery item

Bread can only be used for recovery when the "EAT" command is selected. When eaten, it restores 20 HP to the selected party member.

Other uses

Main article: Crumbs

If the "USE" commanded is chosen when Bread is selected, it will become bread crumbs which is used to make a trail. If the crumbs then get used, it will transport the player to the origin of the bread trail.


EarthBound Beginnings
Buying Selling
$30 $15

In-game description

OK to eat it, but its CRUMBS can be used to mark your trail.