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Condiments are special food items that appear in EarthBound. When eaten alone, all condiments restore about 6 HP. However, if a character eats a different food item while they are holding a condiment, they will eat the two items together. If the condiment goes well with the food (for example, a Ketchup packet goes well with a Hamburger), then the food item's HP recovery will be doubled. If the condiment does not go particularly well with the food, then the food item's HP recovery is changed very little.

With the exception of the Jar of delisauce, condiments can be bought at special condiment stands in locations like Burglin Park and the Fourside Department Store. Jars of delisauce can only be bought in Dalaam and are much more expensive than other condiments; however, they go well with all food items.

List of condiments