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じょしゅB Assistant B
Baker as he appears in EarthBound Beginnings
Gender Male
Appears in EarthBound Beginnings
Residence Island close to Ellay
Relatives Able (presumable twin brother)

Baker is a character introduced in EarthBound Beginnings who resides on an island close to Ellay, which only can be accessed by the use of a rocket which is available at the Look-Out Tower once Ninten spots it by the help of a telescope. Together with Able, Baker works as the assistant of a doctor who is looking for Strawberry Tofu. As a result for the doctor's interest of the tofu, both Baker and Able want to try it out as well. If Ninten gives any tofu to Baker, he will in return give Ninten a hint about a robot which lies at the bottom of a lake close to Mt. Itoi. A likely assumption of the relation between Able and Baker would be that they're identical twins, which is supported by Baker mentioning that he looks just like Able.


  • Able and Baker are also the equivalents of A and B in certain radio alphabets, which probably is where their names originate from.

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