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Similar to my work on other wikis, this is a more organized and condensed version of all the maintenance categories and to-do sections in one place. This project is open to anyone to work on and I encourage people to help out. While most is self explanatory, other notes may be listed under sections. Please remove links once you're done making the required changes.

Page work

Orphaned pages

Nothing links directly in to the page, so find spots on other applicable pages to link to this list.

Shortest pages

Find more to write about, or propose merging into another page. This covers all pages 350 bytes or fewer. Disambig pages are ignored.

Ancient pages

These pages haven't been updated since at least 2012. They are most suitable for content and coding updates.

Categorization work

The following do not contain categories. Add em!

Uncategorized categories

How meta...

Uncategorized Pages

Uncategorized Files

A lot of these are missing summaries and licensing as well. If possible, please add them too. See Special:UncategorizedFiles

Uncategorized Templates

Unused work

These need to be either used on a page, redirected, or deleted.

Unused templates

Unused Categories

Unused Files

Make sure these have proper licensing and formatting. Also, try to introduce a loop link so that the 'not unused' template takes images out of this category.
See Special:UnusedFiles

Wanted Work

List will be redone soon.