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Nice work! Your contributions are bound to make WikiBound be the best it can be!
PK STARPK Star.jpg

Ever wanted to give a user a reward for their contributions? Give them a PK Star!

What is a PK Star?

A PK Star is a reward tool based off of Wikipedia's barnstars, and their purpose is to give a user a little bit of recognition for their hard work. Let's say a user named Best Ness found a stub article and expanded it to fill in the missing information needed, and this user is a very dedicated user. Now Tacopill sees the work Best Ness put into the article and across the wiki and appreciates it, then Tacopill heads over to Best Ness's page to congratulate him on helping with the wiki by giving him a PK Star!

Who gives PK Stars?

Anyone can give PK Stars to any user they want. Don't forget to give the reason for why you think they deserve one!

Simply copy this code:

{{PK Star|(Reason)}}

Substitute (Reason) for the reason you want to give the user a PK Star.

All of us WikiBoundians are in this together, let's all press forward to make this the best EarthBound encyclopedia it can be!