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For the enemy in Mother 3, see Pork Tank.

The Tank is a vehicle, only appearing in Mother. It can be ridden after giving ten Ticket Stubs to a man near the center of the Yucca Desert, however this is optional. When riding in the tank, Ninten does not encounter any enemies. It can be exited by traveling back to the spot where it was obtained. When taking it to the Ruins of Desert, it begins a battle with R7037, which is hopeless without the tank. In battle, the tank will deflect all of R7037's attacks back, and the attack command allows for firing of the tank's cannon. After defeating R7037, it explodes, destroying the tank and leaving Ninten's party unharmed. Upon being spoken to, the tank's owner demands payment for the demolished tank. If Ninten refuses, he will wait in front of the Live House in Ellay until he receives payment.

On Mt. Itoi, after Ninten's party is defeated by R7038, Lloyd saves them by firing the tank's cannon, destroying the robot, but also damaging Ninten's party, particularly Teddy, in the process. This leaves Teddy bedridden for the remainder of the game. In the English prototype and Mother 1+2, it is shown that he had recovered from these wounds after the game's ending. This is not made clear in the original Japanese release, however.

A mistranslation or localization effort in the English prototype heavily changed the implications of how Lloyd saved Ninten's party. The prototype has Lloyd state "I missed," implying he accidentally hit Ninten's party instead of the robot, while the original Japanese version instead has him say, "I'm too late," implying he destroyed the robot, but only after it inflicted massive damages. This inconsistency was fixed for the Mother 1+2 fan translation.

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