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An encounter with a Devil Truck in the fan translation.

The Mother 1+2 fan translation is a re-translation of the game Mother, only including a very basic menu translation for Mother 2, with no plans of a full translation. It was released on April 30th, 2011. The game was translated and written by Clyde Mandelin in order to maintain continuity with EarthBound and the Mother 3 fan translation. It was hacked to allow for larger text windows for larger text blocks in order to make the game's script more palatable. All of the graphics changed in Mother's English prototype were uncensored, and the areas in the game were also changed back to their original Japanese names. The names of the enemies have been translated from their original Japanese counterparts, aside from some exceptions, such as the Raeb Yddet, whose Japanese name was simply "bear," and Giygas, who retained his name from EarthBound for the translation.

Translation tools

The tools used for the translation were custom-made for the project, and were released to the public in order to allow other-language translations of the game. The translation tools include an added debug mode which multiplies experience and money gain from battles to extreme amounts and disables random encounters entirely in order to test scripts, as well as graphics files for translating and uncensoring the game's graphics.

Easy Ring

The Easy Ring, an item that doubles the amount of money and experience Ninten's party obtains, as well as halving the amount of random battles, was added to a present inside Ninten's room. Playable characters can equip it, and its defense is equal to the goddess bracelet you can purchase in Magicant. The easy ring takes up a space in your character's ring slot, so equipping any of the other rings in the game will unequip the easy ring.

In-game description

"Equip this ring to increase EXP and money from enemies and reduce random battles."

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