List of EarthBound Beginnings enemies by battle song

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The following is a list of all battle songs in EarthBound Beginnings and the enemies which use them. The song titles used are the names that are featured in the Mother Music Revisited Deluxe Disc 2 album (top), and below them in parentheses are the popular unofficial titles used by and are common among the English-speaking fanbase of the series.

Song Enemies
Battle Theme 3
(Battle with a Dangerous Foe)
Lamp M1 sprite.png Doll.gif PseudoZombi.gif StrayDog.gif GangZombie.gif Alligator.gif Elephant.gif Gorilla.gif Tiger.gif StarmanJr.gif BigWoodoh.gif MagicSnail.gif RaebYddet.gif SkyYddet.gif Woodoh.gif Ullrich.gif TheFish.gif Dragon.gif Barbot.gif Bear.gif Cougar.gif Eagle.gif LilSaucer.gif Skunk.gif Wolf.gif DrDistorto.gif OldRobot.gif Scrapper.gif BionicScorp.gif EnergyRobot.gif Nancy.gif OmegaSaucer.gif Scorpion.gif UltraBarbot.gif LoneWolf.gif PolarBear.gif LoneWolf.gif StarmanM1.gif AlarmGhost.gif Armor.gif DustBall.gif NastyZombie.gif Shroudley.gif Zombie.gif Gabilan.gif R7037.gif Rattlesnake.gif Red Snake Titanees.gif Buffalo.gif Crocodile.gif Kelly.gif Mook.gif BlueStarman.gif Cerebrum.gif Gargoyle.gif GrizzlyBear.gif Megaborg.gif R7038.gif Rockoyle.gif SuperEnergy.gif M1 Titanian sprite.png OhMook.gif R7038XX.gif GigaBorg.gif Juana.gif LastStarman.gif OmegaBorg.gif StarMiner.gif
Battle Theme 1
(Battle with a Flippant Foe)
Rat.gif Centipede.gif Crow.gif Snake.gif Wally.gif Ghost.gif MrBat.gif BionicCenti.gif Fly.gif Hyena.gif Dadseyes.gif Foureyes.gif Groucho.gif Momseyes.gif Watcher.gif BagLady.gif Fugitive.gif Rope.gif Bomber.gif FireBall.gif BigFoot.gif BionicBat.gif Tarantula.gif Spider.gif Seagull.gif Bison.gif
Battle Theme 2
(Hippie Battle)
TheHippie.gif M1 Mad Car sprite.png M1 Mad Truck sprite.png M1 Maniac Truck sprite.png M1 Psycho Car sprite.png M1 Psycho Truck sprite.png BBGang.gif BBBoss.gif
Versus Giegue Giegue.png

Lists of enemies by battle song
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