Innit Tea

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Innit Tea
ジャナイカティー Isn't It Tea
In-game sprite of the Innit Tea from Mother 3
Type Recovery item
Appears in Mother 3

The Innit Tea is an HP restoring recovery item found in Mother 3 only in Chapters 1 through 3.


When eaten by a party member, the Innit Tea will replenish approximately 15 HP.


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Mother 3
Buying Selling

In-game description

A popular tea in Tazmily. Restores 15 HP.

Where to obtain

Mother 3
Limited quantity Infinite quantity
Tazmily Village (Thomas's Bazaar Chapters 1-3)


  • The Japanese name of the item, Janaika Tea, translates to an equivalent of "Isn't it tea?". The English name Innit Tea was chosen as "innit" is often a British contraction for "isn't it".[1]


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