Tiny ruby

Tiny Ruby
ちいさなルビー Tiny Ruby
Tiny ruby.jpg
Artwork of the Tiny Ruby from the Mother 2 strategy guide
Type Key item
Appears in EarthBound

The Tiny Ruby is a key item in EarthBound. It a small ruby that Poo has with him when he is first controlled.


Ness's party gives it to the curator of the Scaraba Cultral Museum to gain access the top room in the Summers museum in order to obtain the Hieroglyph copy. After Poo hands it to him, Mr. Fork thanks Poo for the "cookie" that he received, and sneaks it into his pocket. The player can technically deny the curator the ruby, but Poo will still hand it to him regardless.


Buying Selling
Not for sale Cannot be sold

In-game description

An old treasure from Dalaam.