Game Boy Color

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The Game Boy Color
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The Game Boy Color (Japanese: to be added) is the third handheld system created by Nintendo, and it is the successor to the Game Boy Light. The system is the predecessor to the Game Boy Advance. No Mother titles were released for the system in either the United States or Japan.

Mother/EarthBound titles for the Game Boy Color

While no Mother titles were released for the handheld, a petition to get Mother onto the system was held by Clyde Mandelin (Tomato) and Reid Young (reidman) from 1998 to February 1999 with 1,850 signatures being attached to the petition. The completed petition was sent to Nintendo headquarters with a front and back cover in May 1999, which Nintendo gave little to no response to. In a letter sent to NOA by reidman in the "Project: Ruffini the Dog" campaign, reidman discussed Nintendo's awareness of the "Mother for Game Boy Color" petition, and was ultimately sent back a letter by NOA where the writer formally acknowledged the petition and offered a "shameless game plug" for EarthBound 64 for the Nintendo 64DD. [1]


Game Boy Color
File:Gameboycolor colors.jpeg
The Game Boy Color color variations from left to right: Teal, Berry, Atomic Purple, Dandelion, Kiwi, and Grape.


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