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Nintendo Switch Logo.png
ニンテンドースイッチ Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch TV mode.png
The Nintendo Switch in TV mode with the Joy-Cons attached to the Joy-Con grip
Release dates
Japan March 3, 2017
North America March 3, 2017
Europe March 3, 2017
Technical information
Display Up to 1080p via HDMI cable (TV mode) or up to 720p (tabletop mode and handheld mode)
Media Switch game card
downloadable software
Other information
Console generation Eighth generation
Console type Hybrid console
Successor N/A
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The Nintendo Switch (Japanese: ニンテンドースイッチ Nintendo Switch) is Nintendo's hybrid console for the eighth generation, being both a handheld and home console. Unlike Nintendo’s past home consoles and the Nintendo 3DS, the system is region-free and can play games imported from any region.

Originally codenamed the NX, the system was first officially unveiled in October 2016. It was released in March 2017, succeeding the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS. The system features a 6-2 inch touch screen with detachable controllers known as Joy-Cons, along with a dock which is used for TV mode. The Nintendo Switch saw an almost immediate surge in success, selling over 10 million units and became the fastest-selling video game console in America within a time frame of the first ten months.[1] As of December 31, 2023, the Nintendo Switch has sold 139.36 million units worldwide, making it Nintendo's second best-selling video game console after the Nintendo DS.[2]


The Switch expands on the idea of a home console with handheld features that was previously used for the Wii U. The system can be played in three different modes: handheld mode, tabletop mode, and TV mode. In handheld mode the two Joy-Cons are attached to the sides of the system, and plays in a similar way as the Wii U. In tabletop mode the Switch system is placed on a surface while players use different controllers to play. In TV mode the Switch system is placed into the dock which allows it to connect to the TV, and games can be played using detachable controllers.

The touch screen is only usable in Tabletop Mode and Handheld Mode. Motion controls (other than the gyroscope) are only usable in TV Mode and Tabletop Mode.


Like Nintendo's previous systems, the Nintendo Switch features online support requiring a paid membership known as Nintendo Switch Online. The Nintendo Switch Online service succeeds Nintendo Network and Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection in that it allows players to compete with other Switch system. Nintendo Switch Online also features an application to play games released for the Nintendo Entertainment System and Super Nintendo Entertainment System, replacing the Virtual Console service.

The Nintendo eShop is also supported for purchasing games online.

EarthBound and Super Smash Bros. games


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