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EarthBound Beginnings nomenclature

The game has been released for a while as EarthBound Beginnings, and so it appears to be the name used the most in English. With the actual article moved to its English name, I believe that we should now refer to it as EarthBound Beginnings for the following reasons:

1: The name is now officially used by Nintendo (e.g. in SSB Ultimate), and so we should use it too.

2. The names for the characters, enemies, locations, etc. in the game are all required to use their English names, so why shouldn't we use the English name for the game itself?

3. EarthBound is only to be referred to as "Mother 2" when specifically referring to the Japanese release, and for the sake of consistency the same should be done for EarthBound Beginnings.

Miles's reasoning back then for it to be referred to as "Mother" was because the title was new and unfamiliar to fans, thus wasn't the most commonly used name, and wasn't used by Nintendo aside from promoting the new release. It was understandable then, but that's not the case now, so that's why I propose that we should now use the name EarthBound Beginnings. Omegα Toαd 64 Toad.jpg 03:20, 5 December 2019 (UTC)

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Additional Comments

Any additional comments regarding why the article is nominated for reason can be placed here.

Bump Omegα Toαd 64 Toad.jpg 23:46, 11 April 2020 (UTC)