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Advice from SupaToad64: If you want to succeed, choose Toad! Toad is the only answer, he always will be!
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I'm Supatoad64. You may (or may not) know me as a Miiverse artist who made a bunch of EarthBound drawings, or a Mario Kart 7 player who dominated a bunch of players online in Maka Wuhu as Toad in the early days, specifically before the glitch was patched. I'm now a contributer to The NIWA and helping WikiBound be an insightful source for EarthBound information.

About me

EarthBound is one of my all time favorite video game franchises behind Mario and Animal Crossing. I own the entire series and know quite a lot about the games. My first EarthBound game was EarthBound Beginnings, it's incredibly underrated and while it has flaws, it's impressive and so much fun to play. I've beaten it at least 8 times, 6 times without a single game over. The second game I played was Mother 3, I got the fan translation on a flash cartridge and loved it. While I may not like it as much as the other 2 games, I love the story and gameplay and it's a ton of fun to play, it really deserves an official localization (You better be reading this NOA). EarthBound is the most recent one I played. Everything is just amazing in the game: the humor, the gameplay, the artstyle, and the PSI animations. It's my favorite entry, tied with Beginnings.

On the wiki

I haven't been around for that long but I've contributed a lot on this wiki, and my contribution has been recognized and appreciated. While I'm not sure if I'll be as heavily involved here in the far future, I still have a heck ton of things on my to-do list. My goal is to make this one of the most insightful sources for EarthBound information so right now you'll be seeing me a lot on this wiki.

I'm also a user on SmashWiki and you can find me here.

To-do list

The next thing on my list afterwards is to improve on existing pages, such as character stubs.

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